Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Creation and Experience

There are two processes that are ongoing. One is creation. Another is experience. Each produces its adherents and subsequent generations. The true wisdom is in being able to switch from on to another and to learn how in the midst of one to invoke the other.

Creation takes place continuously. Cells are constantly being born within our bodies.
Experience also follows creation. The passing away of cells after performing their functions completes this cycle of creation and experience. Listen to how thoughts are the forerunners of creation and how creation is imbued by thoughts on their way to becoming experiences.

When an idea first appears it shines with brightness and glows with possibilities. Within the newborn idea is the seed of its transformation into experience. The end is therefore contained within this beginning. Look back in your mind's eye before the beginning to get a sense of the majesty and wonder to the initiating process. We are designed in such a way as to be able to sense this pre-beginning phase of existence. Even if it is only glimmer or a sense of something faint we still carry within us this opening of openings. Call this then the gathering force nameless and unknown yet still felt within our beings as something that has always been there.

The gathering force shapes thought in terms of the exact manner in which it resides within our awareness. Think of a large wave of consciousness filtering itself through the most infintessimal portals of individual awareness that we each call our own centers of expression of this consciousness. Contained within the large wave are the overall plans of creation. We express that part of creation that is inimical to ourselves by opening up our inner conduits of receiving this wave so that we may activate the gathering force that is already resident inside of us in a dormant but ever awakening stage. This paradox of having this sleeping yet awake energy inside of us provides us with the inspirations of our life. Each time we awaken we are able to transform this energy into experience. How do we awaken? By remembering that we are sleeping as in lucid dreaming.

In life there are mysteries
And time is only waiting.
The only way to make your dreams come true is to wake up once you know are dreaming.
Each time you wake up a little bit more you will see your thoughts turning into experiences.
Gain distance through observation and vantage point.
Then seek find and become.
Practice this incessantly.

Go beyond where you think you need to and then keep on going. This is a moving thing and cannot even be seen unless you remain in motion. It is reminiscent of the moving frames on a movie screen. The action is captured in the motion on the screen. The tale is told by moving in the direction of the plot of the story. You have your story. Keep it flowing. Find new ways to shine your inspiration from within to without.


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