Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Bahir 21

Verse 21 opens up a whole other area for study. It ties together also some inner meanings that have been floating around without a home.

"21. Rabbi Yochanan said: The angels were created on the second day. It is therefore written (Psalm 104:3), "He rafters His upper chambers with water [He makes the clouds His chariot, He walks on the wings of the wind]." It is then written (Psalm 104:4), "He makes the winds His angels, His ministers from flaming fire." [ Rabbi Haninah said: The angels were created on the fifth day, as it is written (Genesis 1:20), "And flying things shall fly upon the firmament of heaven." Regarding the angels it is written (Isaiah 6:2), "With two wings did they fly."] Rabbi Levatas ben Tavrus said: All agree, even Rabbi Yochanan, that the water already existed [on the first day]. But it was on the second day that "He raftered His upper chambers with water." [At that time He also created] the one who "makes the clouds his chariot," and the one who "walks on the wings of the wind." But His messengers were not created until the fifth day. "

For most the energy that is represented by angels is unconscious. We rarely notice this energy. When we hear an inner voice or sense an uplifted feeling, these are the manifestations of our angels. The allusion is to something out of our ordinary world, something which is holy and that surrounds the one who makes everything. It is the "He" that is mentioned in this above passage. He refers to God but in another sense it also refers to our will in making our thoughts apparent before our minds eye. Everytime you meditate on something you make pictures to help you to move your thoughts around the way you want to see them. Meditation is not just sitting and waiting for something to happen or to let the void become one with us in nothingness. These things it is true can happen in meditation but they represent a mind untrained to follow its own course. The trick is to be aware of "He" all along. First you must have a place or a background against which to imbue your world with creation. This background is where the light emanates from. This second day refers to thoughts which evolve from the initial light of your inspiration and they do indeed rafter your upper chambers with the water of their transcendence. This water is the fluid nature of thought conforming easily to the will which shapes it. The clouds are the thoughts in their earliest stages and we fly over them with the will which by the way is housed in the chariot of our self identity which sets the course for all to come after.
     The winds as angels. Think now as thoughts come forth and bond together because of their affinity with each other. Each time thought bonds with thought there is this flaming fire which is the fire of bonding, the fire of the cohesion of energy now taking part of each other and making still another whole idea to branch from. Why is there this distinction between the fifth day of the second day. We are being something special here. It has to do with the generation of thought. The angels are called messengers that have not appeared until this fifth day. What else do we have on this fifth day to give us the link we need to connect these ideas together.
     'Let the waters swarm with swarms of living creatures, and let fowl fly above the earth in the open firmament of heaven.' Thought is now given life in the material world. In the water and in the earth thought now flourishes.
     'Be fruitful, and multiply, and fill the waters in the seas, and let fowl multiply in the earth.' Thought is given the mandate to take form, to take material form specifically. Then cattle is brought out into the earth. Another example of the deep filling that thoughts take as they take on the life of the image into which they have been sent.
     Consider that what we've been given by example is a perfect follow through for thought. Thought raised to conscious recognition as the angels appear. The second day is mentioned. We cannot take this away from this verse. The angels are described and then their associationswith the thoughts being placed into matter in such a way as to promote the appearance of form. These forms are still precursors to the thing itself but they are definitely harbingers or what is to come when man say that yes this is the shape and name of things to come. Man appears out of this entire bringing forth. Man is not an after thought but a part of the initial sending. Man becomes the image imbued now with life and self recognition. This is what we are able to tell since we are told to look not at the second day when the angels appear as ideas but when they produce the first forms of their impress, the living creatures of earth, sky and water.

Sunday, May 29, 2005

Bahir 17-20

Continuing now into the second section of the Bahir, called the Aleph-Beth. Herein is a discussion of the letters of the Hebrew alphabet. These letters are all symbols of thoughts that have come before. With this in mind we analyze their meanings and the pointers to hidden understandings given here.

17. Rabbi Amorai sat and expounded: Why is the letter Aleph at the beginning? Because it was before everything, even the Torah.

Aleph comes even before the Torah. Literally this makes sense since the Torah is written with the letters that are described. Deeper still there is the understanding of the timeless moment which comes before any action takes place, before even our thoughts are engaged and before any manifestation appears. Looking around at the beginning the Aleph takes on a mystical meaning. It is symbolized by the ox, bearer of the goods which go from place to place. It is telling us that Aleph carries our thoughts into being. It is the initiation and the driving force behind thought itself. It is indeed how thought came to be the first place. It is also the inspiration for thought including the very next thought which is described by Bet.

"18. Why does Bet follow it? Because it was first. Why does it have a tail? To point to the place from which it came. Some say, from there the world is sustained."

Bet becomes the home therefore of thought. It is the organization of thought. It is the nexus that thought makes up in order to proliferate, mutate,and correlate one to the other in making thought personal for each of us. This tail leads to the next thought and provides the basis for where that thought came from,in this case Aleph which has driven thought into being. The world is sustained by the action of Aleph the initiator of thought and thought which now is housed in Bet is the basis for the continuation of this world or any other we may be a part of.

Note: When considering the basic structure of any language it is helpful to study the eastern or mid eastern languages because of their tie ins to the deep symbolic references of each letter. The letters themselves are pictograms of what meanings are conveyed by their joining together as in a word or words. The first languages must have consisted of scatches in the sand to show meanings which could not be conveyed by grunts so to speak. The key then to understanding these languages is to relate them to the inner meanings which by meditation we can arrive at. This will be the process then that is used in sorting through the meanings seen to come in the ensuing verses of the Bahir.

"19. Why is Gimel third? It has three parts, teaching us that it bestows (gomel) kindness. But did Rabbi Akiba not say that Gimel has three parts because it bestows, grows, and sustains. It is thus written (Genesis 21:8), "The lad grew and was bestowed." He said: He says the same as I do. He grew and bestowed kindness to his neighbours and to those entrusted to him. "

Here we have the first references to the Tree of Life, most notably the Sephirot Binah. Binah takes the influx of initiation that is transformed through Chokmah into the sending forth of the multitudes. These multitudes are the many thoughts that are generated. Their flowing into form is passing through this influence of Binah. Notice how it is described here. Three parts of which kindness is mentioned first. This kindness is the allowing of our thoughts to assume their own design without hesitation and definitely without judgement or second guessing. It is life which speaks to life in this case following the natural order of things. In it's bestowing it send forth our thoughts of our heart's desire, the thing itself,that which we require according to our will which focuses our attention on the thinking process and the letting go of thoughts into form. Once the imprint of our nature is upon these thoughts they of themselves imbued with the all power of life kindle into the representations first and then the actual things themselves that our thoughts have symbolically send forward into being. Transformations take place in these thoughts and their energy is sustained by the life force inherit in them. the bestowing comes from the Wisdom of knowing that we through our attention carry forward our own lives into manifestation. We are the result or the sum total of the thoughts that we are thinking. The growth of these thoughts comes when through Binah, Understanding,that we allow now hindrance to this flow of life energy which is bound for manifestation. In other words our mind is set upon the good that we are promoting. Then once we let go these thoughts transform into the life situations that we encounter each day. The lad in this case from Gen 21:8 that grew and was bestowed is Issac. The first born or the original thought which comes from our recognized intention. Interestingly enough the JPS translation has 'And the child grew, and was weaned' which gives us an even further description of this process of becoming. Weaned of mother's milk. The mother's milk here is the energy of Binah, the Great Mother. This means that going forward the first born is a life unto itself and becomes the thing itself while being sustained by the original intention and indeed embodied by this original intention. One more thing. This energy of life can know only one purpose. That purpose is connection which is why what is next said illustrates this point. He grew and bestowed kindness yes to all that were a part of him, his neighbors and all that came from him, those that were entrusted to him.

This exercise illustrates maintaining the kernel of an idea and following it through so that the seed thought within shines. Such in my opinion is the very heart and soul of the Bahir seen through the eyes of Modern Kabbalah.

'20. And why is there a tail at the bottom of the Gimel? He said: The Gimel has a head on top, and is like a pipe. Just like a pipe, the Gimel draws from above through its head, and disperses through its tail. This is the Gimel.'

Here the concept of connection is completed. The head and the tail and the pipe in between are the life force and its connection to itself. Taken in this light we are reminded that Binah represents an energy center of thought and that it is something that we build within upon ourselves. These concepts presented here are for this purpose of building within a place of eternal transformation. While there is a building being erected, in another sense perhaps more clear there is a building being discovered and uncovered. Resident all along as a part of you this energy center is of prime important in the work you do in seeing your world as you do each day. The simple fact of knowing of the existence of this energy center and how it works will go a long way in uncovering the things in life that you are seeking. This applies to everything be it spiritual or material. The distinction is not given here between the two. We are witnesses to our own creation and our successful connection to all that is. As a witness we may seek and yes find everything we are in body mind and soul.

Tuesday, May 24, 2005

The Signature - The Handshake - A Divine Connection

Here is something so incredible that it is hard to stay in my seat while writing this. I have to admit that it is for these moments that I continue this passion of mine to fulfill the openings which work through me to express in ever increasing moments of clarity the way things are and the way things work. I want to build up to presenting this concept because although it is an obvious outgrowth of all they we been speaking of it still is remarkable for not being considered before in any depth. The reason it is being presented now is that it keeps coming up in my consciousness in various ways so that I can no longer ignore expressing it and taking it further as all of these kinds of thought queries do.

Did you ever see someone in the distance and know who they were even before their face come into view? I am talking about the briefest of glances and then you simply know who the person. The glance isn't enough to even see any movement but the name of the person instantly pops up in your mind. When this used to happen I would put it down to coincidence. However the more these coincidences began to occur I began to recognize that something special was happening. I was seeing the signature of a person even before I saw their face in person. With practice this signature occurs even when there is no one in sight. I've had the name of a person pop up even before they actually turned the corner. What this tells me is that this kind of thing can be practiced and improved upon. What is most important about this discovery is that it can be applied across the board to all of our other meetings with truths we've yet to discover and with our heart's desire that we are intentionally uncovering. Here is how.

When you think about something that you want you are in a sense defining the parameters which lead it into manifestation. You can place as much detail into your visualizations as need be and still not be able to see that which you want appear immediately into form. What is missing? It is the signature of the thing, it's essence and defining principle by which it may be forever known. Just as we as individuals each have this kind of a signature, so too does our thought(s) of the thing we want have this indelible signature. The trick to finding and locking in on this signature in not in our visualizations but is resident in our feeling nature. This feeling nature goes beyond the emotions of knowing and having and being exuberant about making the image of our heart's desire come to life. All of these feelings are necessary to bring to life this treasured desire. When we do this we surround the form of our heart's desire entrances into manifestation and enticements to come forward but still haven't touched it's signature. This signature it turns out is a thing in and of itself. We have to let go of our normal awareness and just let go in order to see it. This signature is not a static thing but remains in motion. Following its flow means that we too have to remain in motion in order to keep up with it. It is when we match our flow with its internal flow that we see it and know it. We know it to exist now as an emanation of our thoughts which by transcendence we enter into from every direction including the physical.

Consider your heart's desire. You've locked on to it. It is all around you. You call to it and it answers you both with recognition and the potential to emanate into form. One more aspect is ready to enter into play. This is what I call the Handshake with the Divine. With this Handshake you make the connection. You accept and then you let go and then you become.


Friday, May 20, 2005

Bahir 11-15

Remember that the surface conceals the gems and is often a simple correspondence. In the case of verse 12 we are similarly placed as in verse 11 in the midst of duality. Let's find out how to return again. First the verse:

"12. How do we know that Chaos is in Evil? It is written (Isaiah 45:7), "He makes peace and creates evil." How does this come out? Evil is from Chaos, while Peace is from Desolation. He thus created Chaos and placed it in Evil, [as it is written "He makes peace and creates evil." He created Desolation and placed it in Peace, as it is written, "He makes peace in His high places."]

Call the spirit of a thing down into the substance of the thing you are. Prepare yourself for transformation. This is how the meaning of this verse comes through. Chaos in Evil turned around is order in Good. Order the thoughts about a thing into the substance of a thing in order to experience this. This Desolation can be considered to be the scattering of doubts. It appears as grim and grave but is really simply a threshhold that is easily crossed over once you recognize what is really going on. The word evil is placed there to knock you off course. Everyone sees evil and they are suddenly afraid. This word cannot make a concept that has no place in your meditations. Think of the context of evil used here simply as that flaming sword which keeps out unwanted visitors. The quoted verse from Isaiah "he makes peace and creates evil", make you step back to consider the voice that is speaking. There are moments when illumination is clear and others when duality steps in. Don't be put off by these undercurrents. After all this is what happens to you in life so why would you not experience this everywhere. The key is in your recognition and committment to seeing your good everywhere. The Bahir and Zohar feature many disparate voices and are clearly a combination of writings. Their purpose does not always coincide. The only way to harmonize the flow of this information is to use its text as we are doing now in order to make a point for reminding us of our good and the direction we are taking. Yes this is most definitely a non standard way of reviewing these texts. Once again I will point out the practical necessity for keeping our thoughts on target even when we navigate these rocky waters. This is an example that is given so that when you find yourself in similar unstable situations you will know that you can by analysis and adherence to the one of your intention make something out of nothing. In this case we are taking the pair of opposites, peace and evil and discarding or transforming the evil and raising the peace into the power of connection so that we now arrive at the place of our greatest control. This control is our ability to change our mind and to take what is given us to transform it accordingly.

The next verse 13 takes us in another direction entirely all the more surprising because of the previous two passages.

"13. Rabbi Bun also sat and expounded: What is the meaning of the verse (Isaiah 45:7), "He forms light and creates darkness?" Light has substance. Therefore, the term "formation" is used with regard to it. Darkness has no substance, and therefore, with regard to it, the term "creation" is used. It is similarly written (Amos 4:12), He forms mountains and creates the wind." Another explanation is this: Light was actually brought into existence, as it is written (Genesis 1:3), "And God said, let there be light." Something cannot be brought into existence unless it is made. The term "formation" is therefore used. In the case of darkness, however, there was no making, only separation and setting aside. It is for this reason that the term "created" (Bara) is used. It has the same sense as in the expression, "That person became well (hi-Bria)."

The distinction is made between created and formed. We are still sitting on the surface here in terms of understanding but the way inside becomes easier. Instead of playing with the words here we'll look at the concepts behind these words.
Light. Inspiration and well being. Life from the sun. All of these we are given as long as we remain receptive to it. If we stand under a shade tree we block the light.

Inside of this verse is a clearer look at this distinction between making and creation. A hint. There isn't any. Let me explain. The typical explanation goes like this. A created being can only make while a "Eternal Being" creates or something like that. Lets refer to the SHMA... "Hear oh Israel the Lord thy God the Lord is One. " No duality here. The created being and the creator are one. That which you look up to as being your highest calling is at the same time intimately within you. All of us are connected to creation itself so to say we do not partake of creation and that we form is to say that we are somehow separate. Separation is not a choice here. The mind is always seeking union, harmony or Yoga. Light and darkness, the answer and the question are a part of the same dynamic. In order to look at them we can make the distinction but not in order to ascribe differences and further cloud the unity. See darkness as the great unknown out of which the light comes forth in response to what our thoughts are about. We are always bringing forth this light so that you can truly say that the light is in sum total part of this darkness. Forget then darkness and light and just think creation. Then become that which you already are. When you reach up you lose the separation and attain the unity. The phrase is used "something cannot be brought into existence unless it is made." Well yes you have to think about something in order to set into motion its existence but then again it had to be there in the first place in order for it to be called into existence. Something from nothing? Yes this happens all of the time.

Now the letter Bet is examined in verse 14. Letters are symbols of concepts which go deeper than their surface meanings.

"14. Why is the letter Bet closed on all sides and open in the front? This teaches us that it is the House (Bayit) of the world. God is the place of the world, and the world is not His place. Do not read Bet , but Bayit (house). It is thus written (Proverbs 24:3), "With wisdom the house is built, with understanding it is established, [and with knowledge are its chambers filled]."

Think creation here and think about the mold of your thoughts as you visualize your heart's desire. A threefold plan of creation is outlined here. First visualize your heart's desire by making a 'house' for it of your thoughts. You keep adding thoughts and strengthening this house. Open in the front this house is a receptacle for your thoughts. "With Wisdom the house is built," refers to your choice of thoughts. If you want to travel uptown, you think about traveling uptown and not downtown. This is a simple reference but you get the idea. Think about just what you want. Focus. There is your wisdom because this focus sets up the entire direction and intensity of all ensuing action which takes place. "With understanding it is established," your thoughts go forth gathering unto themselves the material needed for manifestation. There is a sending forth and an attraction that keeps building until you are attracting those people and situations which you will need in order to realize your heart's desire. "And with knowledge are its chambers filled," these chambers give purpose and definition to your heart's desire. What they are being filled with is the substance of manifestation, the reality of your vision fulfilled. Note how even here our purpose is still on track. The fundamental law of the universe is going from one type of energy to another. We go from the thought of a thing therefore to the thing itself. We keep doing this in order to establish the rhythm and intensity of manifestation. We keep changing our mind to suit our changing desires and the world as encompassed by you changes in line with this.

We carry this analogy further on and deeper still in verse 15.

"15. What does the Bet resemble? It is like a man, formed by God with wisdom. He is closed on all sides, but open in front. The Aleph , however, is open from behind. This teaches us that the tail of the Bet is open from behind. If not for this, man could not exist. Likewise, if not for the Bet on the tail of the Aleph , the world could not exist."

Why is man open in the front? So he can receive the connection continously. What is he open to? He is open to receiving the call to creation. This call is likened to the inspiration that a favorite song brings up inside of you. Sometimes there are memories of times past and then other times then indications of a wonderful future to look forward to. This wonderful future is the world to come. It resides within us and moves with us right around the corner of our awakenings. Why is it that man cannot exist without being open in front as this verse suggests? Man cannot exist nor can any of his designs take place unless he is open to the wisdom which passes through hiim by dint of his connection to all good. This connection cannot be stopped but may be blocked by an insistence on a dual nature. By opening to wisdom we discover the right way to travel in the life of our plans taking place. Therefore what has just been explained about the Bet is an opening in front and an opening from behind. This is something which takes place several times in the Bahir and gives an example of the way thought unifies within itself in order to increase the certainty of manifestation. Bet, the blessing of the beginning. A circuit is being described one end coming from the front and another from the back. Whenever you wonder what it is that they aren't talking about here put thought of the process of thinking into this equation and everything will become balanced and then give up its understanding. The Bet that is found on the tail of the Aleph is a further example of unifying the concept by example and by symbolic representation.

Note: These meanings that are being written have always been there. At this time these ancient writings are revealing their treasures which have remained hidden for all this time. I wanted to point this out so that you will see that thoughts persist in their ability to evoke corresponding thoughts. They also transform into groups of thoughts or ideas which keep this process going forward. The particular interpretations being provided here are meant to awaken a sympathetic inspiration in all who get into the flow of their meanings. What is exciting is that this is a living process. It changes and gives only one direction in terms of the truth it points to. This truth is always about the unity of being and how all things work together. If writings like the Zohar or Bahir, in this case do not give a complete explanation it is because they intimating something which remains for us to finish and to make sense of. It is in this probing effort with certainty that the gems are revealed. The brilliance for which the Bahir is named must be polished. What do you do when you polish something? You go over it a number of times. In this case we have a cumulative shine which can only get brighter as we go along in our discoveries.

Thursday, May 19, 2005

Bahir Verse 11

We face a difficult passage here. Usually the meaning pops right up. This time the meaning lays deep under the surface.
Here is verse 11.

11. What is the meaning of the verse (Ecclesiastes 7:14), "Also one opposite the other was made by God." He created Desolation (Bohu) and placed it in Peace, and He created Chaos (Tohu) and placed it in Evil. Desolation is in Peace, as it is written (Job 25:2), "He makes peace in His high places." This teaches us that Michael, the prince to God's right, is water and hail, while Gabriel, the prince to God's left, is fire. The two are reconciled by the Prince of Peace. This is the meaning of the verse, "He makes peace in His high places."

   We are looking duality and considering God's nature in terms of the aspects of peace and evil. The comparisons continue into the next verse 12. I said this is difficult and here is why. God or the Eternal is. The unity is what we unite with and nothing else. When we look for opposites we will find them and even make excuses for them. This however does not reveal immediately the nature of One. Even the comparison of Bohu (Desolation) and Peace turns out to be a false thread of meaning as well as the subsequent comparison of Tohu (Chaos) with evil. These comparisons are after all false leads. In this case the surface meanings are meant to confuse. This is a practice you will find in much of the literature which lays at the core of Kabbalistic thought. You have to take into account the times and their wish not to be persecuted by the powers that were at the time of their own religion and the world religion they were surrounded by. That is why you will read seemingly obscure references which frustrate meanings. I tell you this in advance because the key to getting deeper inside of Kabbalah as in the Bahir here or the Zohar is to know that all roads lead to the one.

   A side note here. Since the Bahir predates the Zohar it is less obscure. The times in which the people who wrote the Zohar lived were just prior to their expulsion from their homes in Spain and Portugal. They were careful with their writings less they lose their lives as a result of their discovery. This is why everything is covered once and then again and then one more time to hide the meanings to all but those who know. Luckily in these times there isn't any persecution and knowledge may be freely sharfed.
"   Back to this verse. Let's find the way inside of this verse and unite it with the One. We're going in deeper now.
He makes peace in his high places," this is where our thoughts achieve stasis and harmony. They do so because they are united with our heart's desire. This heart's desire represents the core of our thinking. It is what we remain true to. It can be anything that you want that you are willing to let the One produce for you. Each time you let go into this One it moves forward your heart's desire into manifestation. This peace on high can only arise when thought and form are one. At this time there is completion as one returns unto one. The water and the hail mentioned are obviously two aspects of the same thing, in this case the flowing of one into the other as water becomes hail by the action of the wind and the forces of pressure in the clouds on high. The peace that unites the two is the action of transformation. Only in transformation is there no calling from one state to another. There then occurs the peace of union. This peace of union, however fragile still persists as a goal in our exercizing of the one will. The angel Michael is the bearer of these attributes which transform our thoughts along the way. The angel Gabriel serves two purposes. One is that because of the reference to fire,it alludes to the flaming sword in the garden of eden. This is the sword of discrimination which serves to help us choose the thoughts we want to return to and build upon the turn way as in the Garden, those thoughts which do not serve their master's purpose. Example. You want to travel North to reach New York City while passing through New Jersey and you see a sign leading away from your destination. The flaming sword would then rise up and remind you of your goal and you then keep on course. This also works from the other side as in when you have forgotten your way and are returning and must make a choice to get back on your path. The flaming sword may perhaps discourage you from passing through the fires of purification that you need to resume your journey. These fires of purification are things like letting go of the past, forgiveness, and not giving in to fears or illusions.
   The exercise here has been to circumvent the obvious outer references and to unify with our own sense of what it is we need to find out here. The one has been unified in the one is communion with the Perpetual One in eternal connection. This connection has thereby been strengthened and given even more certainty the deeper we pass from the surface into the hidden meanings. Once you make up your mind that you are able to see past these illusions the path once again becomes familiar. Things make sense once more because we are talking about the same basic idea of empowering our thoughts with the presence of the holy one blessed be the name. It is the purpose of this Modern Kabbalah to unravel the mysteries for students so that they won't have to spend lifetimes trying to figure out these surface meanings. It is much better then to contemplate the core ideas which are being expressed. Then the value becomes immediately apparent and can be used in our every day life. Philosophy just for the sake of argument has no place in Modern Kabbalah because this is a philosophy that is meant to be uitilized on the spot. You can take these and subsequent meanings with you quite literally to bank.

Sefer Ha Bahir Verses 5-10

Let us consider the next set of five verses beginning with verse 6.

6. What is a blessing? It can be explained with an example. A king planted trees in his garden. It may rain and water them, and the ground may be wet and provide them with moisture, but still, he must water them from the spring. It is thus written (Psalm 111:10), "The beginning is Wisdom, the fear of God, good intelligence to all who do them [His praise endures forever]." You may think that it lacks something. It is therefore written, "His praise endures forever."

The blessing is what we receive over and above what our basic needs would call for. It is something extra which we have set our mind upon. It is a heart's desire which produces a blessing. It is definitely something which is added after we have all that we need. The metaphor concerning the water is an apt one for the idea of blessing comes into play when our lives are overflowing with our good. We keep in the circuit of this overflowing when we allow ourselves to receive the continuous inspiration that is being offered us in each moment. We don't stop and say enough is enough but we overflow with blessings. This overflowing transmits itself easily to others who may be in need because they have forgotten how to ask or they believe they do not deserve the blessings that surround them. A sure way to promote blessings is to give them unceasingly as soon as they are called forth. Your encouragements to each other are blessings as well. When you share your inspirations and enthusiams you are sharing your blessings. Once again the beginning is Wisdom. You have to know what you want and let that become the pattern for what the superconscious works upon. When you give good material to the superconscious for reproduction into form you return the essence of what is given. You return a gift that may be exchanged endlessly each time gaining in merit (praises) because of the vibrational level of understanding that is being passed along. Each successive raise in vibrational adds its own insights. You may understand a concept but then you are inspired and the concept takes on a whole new meaning. Compared to your newest revelation, your old concept may be seen lacking in something. That is why blessings-inspirations are endless, to teach us that this is the way the superconscious works in order to prepare for us the way in which we choose to follow. That is why it is said, "his praises endure forever," there can be no end to revelation. This revelation is none other than the mind revealing itself to itself through the agency of unity and action of the Perpetual One.

7. Rabbi Amorai sat and expounded: What is the meaning of the verse (Deuteronomy 33:23), "The filling is God's blessing, possessing the Sea and the South?" Moses was saying, "If you follow my decrees, you will inherit both this world and the next." The World to Come is likened to the sea, as it is written (Job 11:9), "It is wider than the sea." The present world is referred to as the South. It is thus written (Joshua 15:19), [Give me a blessing] for you have set me in the land of the south, [therefore give me springs of water]." The Targum translates this, "behold the earth is the south."

This filling that begins this verse relates again to the overflowing of inspiration as thoughts are connected and everything is in unity with the one. The filling comes out of the void and the vastness of the deep. It is from the unfathomable that the realized must be taken. In ancient druidic circles the south is also known as the place of magic. It is the place where the primordial substance is made into light and then the forms of our heart's desire. It is unlimited, "wider than the sea." In terms of the present world and the world to come understand it this way. The present world is the status quo. By definition it is the result of other journeys taken to make this present world. The world to come is what we see when we follow the inspirations which are brought on by keeping true to our heart's desire. We maintain our focus and let the Eternal bring forth into being all that is called for in our visualizations. Give me a blessing or spring of water as it says here simply means to show me the inspiration that I may move forward from where I am to where I have set my heart's desire upon. The earth is in the south means that what we have already made is a part of the status quo. It is also part of what we'll use to spring forward into the world to come. We unify with that which is and then dissolve it into the that which is not but meant to be.

This idea of parts and of dissolution and reanimation is continued next.

"8. Why did God add the letter Heh to Abraham's name, rather than any other letter? This was so that all parts of man's body should be worthy of life in the World to Come, which is likened to the sea. To the extent that we can express it, the Structure was completed in Abraham. [Regarding this Structure] it is written (Genesis 9:6), "For in the form of God, He made the man." The numerical value of Abraham is 248, the number of parts in man's body. "

The "Structure was completed," is none other than the sum total of our heart's desire. You see that in the next verse is explained that it was "in the form of God, he made man," which shows us that at first it was everything and then it came to be something. It isn't just any something but man. Man here represents the specific choices that Man makes to live in his world. Man is made up of all the parts or of every choice he's ever made consciously or unconsciously but. In addition Man is made in the form of God which means that Man is a fluid ever changing being. Whatever your state is now you being made in the form of God may change the appearance of your life situation. You may accept for yourself a good life with all the richness such a life comes with. When you move into the world to come, the world of the realization of your heart's desire all of you moves. Your being, all of its thought forms are raised into this world to come. It is important to think of the world to come not as the place you go when you die but rather when you die to the old way of being. Then truly are you transported to this world to come.

Further exposition on the same topic going a little deeper now in verse 9.

9. What is the meaning of (Deuteronomy 33:23), "[The filling is God's blessing, the Sea and the South] he shall inherit it (YiRaShaH)?" It would have been sufficient if the verse said, "inherit (RaSh) [the Sea and the South]." But this comes to teach us that God must also be included. The word YiRaShaH thus contains the letters RaSh YH [meaning, "inherit God"]. What does this resemble? A king had two treasuries, and he hid one away. After many days he said to his son, "Take what is in these two treasuries." The son replied, "Perhaps you are not giving me all that you have hidden away." The king said, "Take everything." It is thus written, "the Sea and the South, he shall inherit it." Inherit God (YH RaSh) - everything will be given to you if you only keep My ways.

"God must also be included." You cannot assume the form of God and operate under the same aspects as God without having God become a part of everything you are. How could an limited being become more than it is? An unlimited being can, however, become anything it sets its mind or intention to. When you let go into the Perpetual One you no longer fight the power that is in you. Then this power flows freely into being. By making use of this power you are then able to wield this power increasingly well. You are able to be open to receiving your good. You are able to change your mind when negativity surrounds you so that you can face the right direction again. Your purpose has become one pointed. You no longer seek the Perpetual One. You are the One. You have so identified with that which is that you become the thing itself. You and your heart's desire are one. Out of your choices you not only receive what you currently understand and can make into the world to come, you also gain access to the way in which the worlds are accessed. You obtain the hidden knowledge which becomes available to you because of your intention and willingness to let one be one. You stand out of your own way and follow only one way which is the way of the Eternal, the Perpetual One.

Watch now how mind is revealed in all its splendor in verse 10.

"10. Rabbi Bun said: What is the meaning of the verse (Proverbs 8:23), "I was set up from eternity (Me-Olam), from a head, before the earth?" What is the meaning of "from eternity (Me-Olam)?" This means that it must be concealed (He-elam) from the world. It is thus written (Ecclesiastes 3:11), "He has also placed the world (Ha-Olam) in their hearts [that they should not find out the work that God has done from the beginning to the end]." Do not read Ha-Olam (the world), but He-elam (concealment). The Torah said, "I was first, so that I might be the head of the world." It is thus written, "I was set up from eternity, from a head." You may think that the earth was before it. It is therefore written, "before the earth." It is thus written (Genesis 1:1), "In the beginning created God the heaven and the earth." What is the meaning of "created"? He created everything that was needed for all things. And then God. Only after that is it written "the heaven and the earth."

The head comes before the earth. The thought comes before the form. The structured awareness always before the dissolution of chaos, even before the primordial stuff. Why must it be concealed from the world and who are they? The thoughts which make up the primordial stuff cannot of themselves unify and transcend themselves. The spark of light or of inspiration is needed. That is why the way of unity follows the light into creation as in "he created everything that was needed for all things," the way of God or that aspect of what he created was the aspect of the creator within everything. It is only after created God, that the heaven and earth can appear out of this. You even the concept of God is a part of what is created. When we say he in verse ten it is referring to this process which brings forth something from nothing. Without a plan there is nothing. Make a plan and follow it through and then there is the heaven and earth with God as the being which follows through with the intended completion of the design. Before there was anything the first thing that is created is the concept of creation itself. Then everything else follows. Into whose heart is the world concealed. It is the heart of the unformed because through light or inspiration the heart of the unformed flows into manifestation according to the design laid forth by our intentional visualization of our heart's desire.

The Bahir revealed

One of the oldest Kabbalistic texts is the Bahir (Brilliant or Illumination) It predates the Zohar and is quoted in almost every major work on Kabbalah.
The name 'Bahir' literally means 'brilliant' or 'Illumination', and is derived from the first verse quoted in the text of the Bahir "And now they do not see the light, it is brilliant [bahir] in the skies", which itself is a quote from the book of Job (37:21).

It was reported to have been written by Rabbi Nehuniah ben HaKana, a Talmudic sage in the 1st Century. It was first published in Provence in 1176

Let's take a look at the opening verse and relate this to Modern Kabbalah to see what gems of wisdom we can arrive at today. By bringing together the Eastern concepts of mind along with New Thought we may get a better picture of the process and a handle on working with this process to promote our good and the good of those around us.

Here is the text:

"1. Rabbi Nehuniah ben HaKana said: One verse (Job 37:21) states, "And now they do not see light, it is brilliant (Bahir) in the skies...[round about God in terrible majesty]." Another verse, however, (Psalm 18:12), states, "He made darkness His hiding place." It is also written (Psalm 97:2), "Cloud and gloom surround Him." This is an apparent contradiction. A third verse comes and reconciles the two. It is written (Psalm 139:12), "Even darkness is not dark to You. Night shines like day - light and darkness are the same."

The last two sentences here, "Even darkness is not dark to you. Night shines like day - light and darkness are the same," set the tone for the entire course of study which is to come. There is nothing that cannot be received. Inside of the Eternal are all of our answers. How do we get inside of the Eternal? We're already there. Even though it may seem that there is darkness all around us the understanding and wisdom we need to navigate our way through has been provided for us. In this first verse we are shown that we do have a higher calling and that this higher calling comes through to us no matter what. In a few recent posts we've talked about the superconscious. It is this aspect of meaning that is being brought out here. Although we cannot see G-d's face because infinity cannot be encompassed in a countenance we can feel G-d's presence. This can be wooed by letting go of doubts and opening up ourselves to this divine light withinin. We are indeed surround by this divine energy. It courses through our bodies and at the core level of being it is the template upon which our bodies are taking form each day. We return to form through the template of form. When we sleep this template receives information necessary for it's spiritual progress. We are bathed in this light. Let's move on to the next verse.

"2. Rabbi Berachiah said: It is written (Genesis 1:2), "The earth was Chaos (Tohu) and Desolation (Bohu). What is the meaning of the word "was" in this verse? This indicates that the Chaos existed previously [and already was ]. What is Chaos (Tohu)? Something that confounds (Taha) people. What is Desolation (Bohu)? It is something that has substance. This is the reason that it is called Bohu , that is, Bo Hu - "it is in it."

Significant in this verse is the last quote "it is in it." What is it? It is the nothing out of which all things are made. This Chaos is the Primordial Substance. It is the Chitta of Yoga. Chitta is the subconscious mind It is the mind stuff. Without the light from above it remains nothing and it has no form. Because of having no form it is ultimately pliable and can be shaped into form as the next verse will suggest. Listen.

"3. Why does the Torah begin with the letter Bet ? In order that it begin with a blessing (Berachah). How do we know that the Torah is called a blessing? Because it is written (Deuteronomy 33:23), "The filling is God's blessing possessing the Sea and the South." The Sea is nothing other than the Torah, as it is written (Job 11:9), "It is wider than the sea." What is the meaning of the verse, "The filling is God's blessing?" This means that wherever we find the letter Bet it indicates a blessing. It is thus written (Genesis 1:1), "In the beginning (Bet Reshit) [God created the heaven and the earth." BeReshit is Bet Reshit .] The word "beginning" (Reshit) is nothing other than Wisdom. It is thus written (Psalm 111:10), "The beginning is wisdom, the fear of God." Wisdom is a blessing. It is thus written, "And God blessed Solomon." It is furthermore written (I Kings 5:26), "And God gave Wisdom to Solomon." This resembles a king who marries his daughter to his son. He gives her to him at the wedding and says to him, "Do with her as you desire."

The Torah must begin with a Blessing. How else can we form anything until we bid it to become that which we are seeking. That we are seeking must always have our highest praise and be separated from amongst everything else which appears. We take the nothing and make it something. This something begins with (Reshit) a blessing. As the text suggests it is wisdom which is the blessing. This blessing is to choose our highest good to begin with. When you start with wisdom you have the ultimate foundation for everything good that is to become. The King is your ability to choose your thoughts. It represents the highest Wisdom or the ability to command the highest wisdom. Your greatest command within is your choice to choose your good and leave your doubts unformed in the Tohu va Bohu. The son and daughter? These represent for example your good thoughts which have issued forth because of the Light of Wisdom. You are able to connect these good thoughts by the express permission or choice of the King to see the unity of these thoughts. Example: The son-"This field before is rich with promise." The daughter - "I know how to till this field." They are married when "I will till this field and mine the riches therein." It is the light which connects the two thoughts and marries the son and daughter each coming from the same source, father.
This is further clarified by the last part, "do with her as you desire." You make the choices in terms of what you desire to achieve or bring forth in your life. This Wisdom or this knowing how everything works is something that you have been given to do with as you please. When you start with something good everything else that follows will partake of and mirror that good.

Here is the next verse which continues the theme of blessing

4. How do we know that the word Berachah [usually translated as blessing] comes from the word Baruch [meaning blessed]? Perhaps it comes from the word Berech [meaning knee]. It is written (Isaiah 44:23), "For to Me shall every knee bend." [ Berachah can therefore mean] the Place to which every knee bends. What example does this resemble? People want to see the king, but do not know where to find his house (Bayit). First they ask "Where is the king's house?" Only then can they ask "Where is the king?" It is thus written, "For to Me shall every knee bend" - even the highest - "every tongue shall swear.

In order to relate this verse to the thread we've been following we have to understand that in order to receive a blessing we must first ask for it and then be prepared to receive. As we bend our knee we lower our heads in prayer. In addition we are acknowledging the higher power and asking that it flow through us or that we become aware of its flowing through us. When we make our choice we ask "where is the king," but first we have to choose which is asking "where is the king's house," what is our choice now that we ask to be elevated on high. The question of whether Beracha is blessing or bending the knee is really a way to point out the similarity between both and how we are being asked to consider both aspects in terms of Kingship, in terms of our choices which we make. Only can we live in the consciousness of being one with our heart's desire. Nothing can take precedence in mind. All of our thoughts become subservient to this desire including those thoughts that are to come, "every tongue shall swear," meaning every thought that comes after will support the truth of our blessing which we are bending our knee-becoming receptive to.

One more verse for today's lesson and this one is a big one.

"5. Rabbi Rahumai sat and expounded: What is the meaning of the verse (Deuteronomy 33:23), "The filling is God's blessing, possessing the Sea and the South"? This means that wherever we find the letter Bet it is blessed. This is the Filling referred to in the verse, "The filling is God's blessing." From there it nourishes those who need it. It was from this Filling that God sought advice. What example does this resemble? A king wanted to build his palace among great cliffs. He mined into the bedrock and uncovered a great spring of living water. The king then said, "Since I have flowing water, I will plant a garden. Then I will delight in it, and so will all the world." It is therefore written (Proverbs 8:30), "I was with Him as a craftsman, I was His delight for a day, a day, frolicking before him at every time." The Torah is saying, "For two thousand years I was in the bosom of the Blessed Holy One as His delight." The verse therefore says, "a day, a day." Each day of the Blessed Holy One is a thousand years, as it is written (Psalm 90:4), "A thousand years in Your eyes is as but yesterday when it is passed." From then on, it is at times, as the verse states, "[frolicking before Him] at every time." The rest is for the world. It is thus written (Isaiah 48:9), "I will [breathe out] My praise through My nose for you." What is the meaning of "My praise"? As it is written (Psalm 145:2), "A praise of David, I will raise You high [my God, O King, and I will bless Your name for the world and forever]." Why is this a praise? Because I will "raise You high." And what is this elevation? Because "I will bless Your name for the world and forever."

Here wherever we find Bet there is a blessing. This means that wherever there is even the inkling of an association with our heart's desire, wherever we can make the connection between our heart's desire and what our thoughts are telling us, we are able to promote this heart's desire into manifestation. Each confirmation of connection provides another key to its manifestation. This is really about the remarkable story of the unfolding of thought. Once you are certain of your heart's desire all kinds of things begin to fill your world. This is why we are talking of planting a garden here which is fed by the spring of water that we have mined. What is this spring of water? It is the constant refreshing of the course of our heart's desire coming into manifestation. More on this point follows. Once you make up your mind clearly about what it is you want then the superconsious (G-d) works with you as the craftsman for its fashioning delighting (or causing delight to appear) in this process of the unfolding of thought. A day, a day in terms of a thousand years or two thousand years, this is to remind us that time is being bypassed. We do not have to be concerned with time in terms of the outworking of our heart's desire. It is being taken care of by the superconsious which does not know time and can bring forth in an instant everything we set our heart's desire upon. Where does all of this unfolding of thought come from? "I will [breathe out] My praise through My nose for you." Clearly this is inspiration. We breathe in and out through our nose which connects to our highest center in our brains the sahasrara chakra in Yoga, the thousand petalled Lotus. While thought is unfolding we keep having these inspirations which unfold the thought even more causing our heart's desire to expand and fill with the breath of life. This praise is repeated and is situated on high which matches our earlier location of the sahasrara chakra. From this place on high, "I will bless Your name for the world and forever," which means that as you keep receiving inspiration your heart's desire is sent out into the world continuously forever. Your name for the world is what you name when you choose your heart's desire. Your focus and committment to letting this highest power reveal your manifested choice is the great work of who we are. It is both our challenge and our joy.

A note about the preceding study and the methods which are being used in order to illumine this information. First since this is the Bahir we know that illumination is its purpose. In order to show force in brilliance we have to unify the name. Unifying the name is making associations between what we see in the text and what we have discovered in mind through our life experience. More directly in order to unify the name we have to use the energy of the name of unificaition which simply states that all is one. This one is that all is mind and energy and that the relationships between the two determines every life factor we need to be aware of. This one resides within us and is the driving force of our being. One only seeks one.

More to come of course.

Many Blessings and continued inspiration

Mark Siet (JJ Slim)

Monday, May 16, 2005

The three qualities of conscious awareness

     The symbols we use in our meditations determine not only the way we think about something, they also pave the way for the outworking of our thoughts into form. Throughout history there have always been systems of thought which relied upon these symbols of meaning. From the very 1st pictures on the caves of ancient man symbols where used to reorient the consciousness into a kind of short hand of action. The pictures of the hunter stalking and slaying the deer were meditational focal points in a society where find food was a primary occupation. By rehearsing these hunts primitive man began using the first kinds of meditations for seeing his thoughts come into form. As history progressed the symbols became more advanced. To date there are records of countless mythologies of thought, religious systems, shamanistic forms, and metaphysical hierarchies o f thinking. Today we have the good fortune to have all of these studies of symbolic thought available to us.
     Most religions or systems of thought would argue that their system is the one system which will help to improve your lot in life. I cannot argue with this. What works for some however does not work for others. What is important is the synthesis of these symbols that will enable us to make use of them in our everyday life. It is to this end that we discuss the following three philosophies and their relationship to how we may make use of their symbols to bring together the various qualities of mind needed to understand and employ the philosophies that are contained under what is now called Modern Kabbalah. Be ready for some interesting concepts that will inspire you throughout your day.
     First of all we need to know about mind and thought and how they work together. Let's call this Operations, of the Law of Operation. For this we turn to Patanjali. "
     Often called the father of yoga, Patanjali compiled 195 sutras or concise aphorisms that are the answer to the inner way of incorporating the science of yoga into your life. It is estimated that this physician who became one of the worlds greatest sages roamed India somewhere between 200 B.C. and 200 A.D.
     In these Yoga sutras are suggestions about the workings of the mind. It is written in sanskit a language as full of symbolism as Hebrew or Aramaic. The yoga that is studied has to do with what and how we are teaching ourselves to use our mind. This work is classic in that it teaches you the basics of inner study or meditation and states what the purposes are for this meditation. You can find the sutras and their interpretations by many in a number of places online. A thorough understanding isn't necessary. All you need to know is that there is this process that takes place within and that this process has been mapped. Looking at the sutras can be very beneficial in directing your own inner study. Again these sutras are for studying our own internal operation and learning what we can from this. Consider them as you would the engine and all the working parts of your car. While you do not have to know how to be a mechanic to drive your car, you do have to know what buttons and petals to push in order to drive it and how to start it up when it is laying dormant.
     Second in our study is Kabbalah. Kabbalah is our map. We kind of know what Kabbalah is but like the sutra's of Patanjali, we don't have to completely understand this discipline. All we need to know here is that Kabbalah means to receive. What we receive is inspiration and the ability to connect our thoughts to a higher purpose. In particular New Kabbalah seeks to draw out this purpose within Kabbalah and make this purpose its central motivating idea. The exercises which relate Torah and the Zohar to this kind of study are wonderful, however there is the danger of becoming lost in the translation. This occurs not because of the language of the Torah or the Zohar but because these obscure references came from the imaginative discussions of men very much like ourselves. They were however limited somewhat by their strict adherence to scriptutal references. In my opinion the Zohar shines never so brightly as when the tales are told of the rabbi's walking with the donkey encountering some passerby who happens to be undergoing a miracle in the moment. These are wonderful tales but we need to relate Kabbalah to our everyday life. We cannot all be rabbis. We need practical advice on how to live our lives according to the roles each of us has today. Kabbalah says to listen. New Kabbalah emphasizes that to listen is to reach up for our answers by relating our thoughts to the world around us. We then are reminded to watch our thoughts and to change our minds when we go off course. New Kabbalah says to listen and then make course corrections when we go astray. This applies to every part of our life. Using the map of Kabbalah we chart our course and fill our worlds with good thoughts which leads us to our intended destination.
     The third part of our studies of the qualities of conscious awareness is New Thought. New Thought includes Science of Mind, Unity Churches, Emma Hopkins, Charles Quimby, Ernest Holmes, Mary Baker Eddy, John Neville, and many of today's New Age gurus. New Thought says that what you think you see take form in your world. New Thought was developed in America. It isn't a religion although it bases many of its theories on Christianity as spoken by Jesus. If Patanjali is the Operations Manual, and Kabbalah the Map, New Thought is our every day business. It encompasses what happens to us in our daily affairs. Are there overlaps between these three qualities? Of course. It is even difficult at times to say where one begins and the others leave off, or if there is really any distinction whatsoever at the core level between all three. There is one point however that I wanted to bring out about New Thought. It isn't something which will generally be assoicated with it but it seems a logical extension.
      Everytime we have a conversation or interpret a verse in Zohar or Torah or seek answers to what our life meaning is we reach a place where we have a revelation. At times this revelation can produce a lifelong committment to something. This revelation is nothing other than the "new thought" which has arisen as a result of our meditation. The purpose in bringing this to your attention is that this "new thought" along with the "receiving" of Kabbalah and the operation of Patanjali is the basis of what we are calling Modern Kabbalah. We can simply proceed with our studies using the operation of mind combined with the receipt of knowledge (truth), and the creation by inspiration of the "new thought" was has arisen. This is the purpose of all of these writings here.
     The order of being would therefore be to connect, operate, receive, and then witness the creation of the new thought.
Everytime in the Zohar when a "new thought" is revealed there are praises to G-d. In a sense what is being praised is the ability and the successful experience of connection. This is what we are seeking in everything we do whether it is in pursuit of money, health, relationships or career. It is connection to the Perpetual One, the Eternal. We seek this conneciton because only there inside of this place of awareness, of being are we capable of understanding in part the mystery of our lives. This "new thought" can arise from any increased awareness that you come across. All it has to be is to be new to you. In a group of people it can be new to the group. It is based upon this dynamic taking place that inspires these writings taking place each day. The wonder of it all is that usually I don't know what is going to happen until it happens in the moment. Sometimes I'll think about a seed idea and this will generate corresponding seeds ideas as in the case of this post whose seed idea was "new thought" and Modern Kabbalah.

Friday, May 13, 2005

Phase Shift

     In order to attune yourself to the vibrational level of your heart's desire you have to embody the qualities and the thoughts which make up this vision. You send forth vibrational messages with every thought you think. When you are focusing on a certain specific type of energy (your heart's desire) this causes the surrounding thought forms to vibrate whenever your attention is brought to bear. Usually your attention will focus for a while and then it will taper off as other thoughts inevitably cruise in (I'm tired of sitting here, what's for dinner, what was that noise, what is my cat doing over there licking his toes). These thoughts may temporarily interrupt your meditative flow. When this happens the only thing to do is to either start over again or wait until you can make another quiet moment for yourself. Eventually you will be successful in your meditations to the point where the energy begins to shift from the visionary to the actual. Remember you are training your mind to return to those thoughts you have chosen to dwell upon. As in every other training even when you aren't consciously going for these thoughts, they will come up underneath the surface and depending upon their energy and your persistence you will experience a phase shift. Now whenever you turn to your focused thinking the energy becomes clearer and vibrates at a higher rate. Sometimes you will feel something like a switch being turned on inside of your head. This is a definite indicator of moving from on form of energy to another. Your thought form has attained a higher status. It now is working on it own independent now of your focus buidling up to the next level of awakening which is the manifestation of this thought form. This manifestation occurs due to a buildup of energy which is now released and allowed to settle. As it settles the thought form holds it shape and you as the observer witness the realization of your heart's desire. These phase shifts can occur at almost any time. It can be argued that the manifestation of your heart's desire is simply another phase shift and that then when you move on to another area of focus you'll experience then again a subsequent phase shift. The reason why it is important to notice these phase shifts is that they provide dividing line between what was and now what is. As soon as the shift occurs it is time to use this new found energy wave to move onward so that the momentum may not be lost. It would be easy to sit back and ride this phase shift until it settled down but then there would be the possibility that the wave would subside and even worse deteriote so that the shift would occur in the opposite direction under the influence of other non focused thoughts. Use the experience of the phase shift to catapult farther along in your vibrational journey from thought into form.

Psalm 1 Revealed

1)Happy is the man that does not listen to chaos or act in the way of those whose thoughts bring them ruin listen to those whose unbelief takes away their faith.

2) There is one law that as you think on high so you receive by and by.

3) All of your designs shall come to pass because of this one design that you lay in your heartyou can be sure of every prayer being answered and not going astray.

4) Those who don't listen to their good inside will have their designs scattered, their plans come to nothing.

5 Those who cannot or will not take responsibility for their thinking cannot say what is right neither can anyone who dwells on chaos sit with those whose thoughts are of peace and of right things

6The one law works one way to bring to those who think good, good and those who think ill, ill.

Sympathy in Transformation

In order to bring anything into form, sympathy must be established with that form in its mold in mind. This sympathy imbues the form with the energy of manifestation through transformation. Transformation involves many steps but these may be quickened via transcendence. This is when you are able to innnately recogonize the kernel of the form, its underlying adhesion, and the process whereby it does get transformed.

Above and Beyond

Blessed be that which is above me for from this place called heaven come all of the wonderful things that I experience in my life. Blessed be that glorious abode above which I send my expectations and my prayers for an abundant life. Blessed be my connection with the holiness on high for it is from there that all feelings of exaltation issue from. I speak of this above but this is not a reference to location but a reference to the unlimited bounty of good that comes from here. Truly unlimited abundance comes from everywhere even the most unsuspecting places.

Above and beyond the calling of the name on high.
Soaring through myriad heavens with angels passing by.
Whisked away in a flash by the roaring of the wind.
letting go of the moments that come and then begin.

A flower appears to express the wonder of it all.
Pelicans fly in formation heeding to an ancient call,
and suddenly now you remember everything
that you were born to be of this and all that this can bring.

A gentle sigh ascending high opening up a mansion.
The wisdom sight, clears the night and lightens up a lantern.
In your heart, let vision start to widen your horizons,
Stretching near banish fear to become all that you have tried on.

Look in awe send forth Binah with all the forms enlivened.
Transformation now understanding wow, the revelation full in season.
This line in time to drink the wine and celebrate each reason.
No longer hide and open wide you who are to see the one.

Change your mind with what you find and go with every moment
Be the maker let go the taker and watch it fully blossom
The dish you make and wish partake are complete inside and out.
Focus sure and then some more revealing pure the wisdom's core.

In the space of a second meanings will follow one another.
You'll wonder at first where they come from but that really doesn't matter.
Be certain that your time to frame your thoughts is well spent.
Continue in this way for eternity they say and listen for the next answer.

Thursday, May 12, 2005

Right Mind

Right mind is a responsive mind. This means that you can trust your inner voice to lead you in the ways that are good. There is only one way to build up trust. That is by letting go and allowing the universe to help you. Start with one purpose which is to see your good every day. Then anytime something comes up to distract you from this purpose gently lead your mind back to this purpose. Nothing, no matter how important it seems to you at the time is better than the experience of right mind. Everything else can be replaced. Right mind can only be achieved by letting go of illusion (anger, pain, frustration, etc.)and returning to right mind. Right mind is how you feel when you are thinking about your dreams, and visions for the future. It is right mind because you feel good about thinking of yourself in the best possible way. This is not an ego trip by any standards. When you consider everything that is good for you this creates a vibration of good within which resonates without. So strong is this vibration of right mind that it can literally absorb and cause sympathy in vibration to any lower thought formations. That is why it is so important to know right mind. This right mind is the peace which passes understanding and is not just the province of saints or holy persons. Every time you think about what you choose to think about you are encouraging right mind. When your thoughts take on the color of your aspirations you are experiencing right mind. When you leave behind anger, or pain, you are experiencing right mind. Right mind can only grow in power and majesty. Its expansion is infinite. You could say that right mind is becoming filled with spirit. Yes this is true because what is spirit other than consciously chosen thoughts that now resonate within you and overflow with good. Do not be afraid to get to know yourself because only then will you be able to come to terms with whom you are. These terms are such that you accept for yourself all of your wonderful thoughts. You actively seek more wonderful thoughts and choose to spend time meditating upon them. Please understand that this process will give you a lifetime of discovery and at no point in your quest will you ever say "there is nothing more." That in itself is enough to encourage you to seek and to find right mind exactly where you are this very moment. Begin now.

Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Preponderance of Evidence

Thoughts are energy fields, each thought a string of particles in a field of awareness. As thoughts are attracted to each other they build up an energy field which becoming increasingly attractive of specific kinds of energy produced by the direction or intention the thoughts are taking.

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