Friday, May 13, 2005

Psalm 1 Revealed

1)Happy is the man that does not listen to chaos or act in the way of those whose thoughts bring them ruin listen to those whose unbelief takes away their faith.

2) There is one law that as you think on high so you receive by and by.

3) All of your designs shall come to pass because of this one design that you lay in your heartyou can be sure of every prayer being answered and not going astray.

4) Those who don't listen to their good inside will have their designs scattered, their plans come to nothing.

5 Those who cannot or will not take responsibility for their thinking cannot say what is right neither can anyone who dwells on chaos sit with those whose thoughts are of peace and of right things

6The one law works one way to bring to those who think good, good and those who think ill, ill.


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