Tuesday, May 24, 2005

The Signature - The Handshake - A Divine Connection

Here is something so incredible that it is hard to stay in my seat while writing this. I have to admit that it is for these moments that I continue this passion of mine to fulfill the openings which work through me to express in ever increasing moments of clarity the way things are and the way things work. I want to build up to presenting this concept because although it is an obvious outgrowth of all they we been speaking of it still is remarkable for not being considered before in any depth. The reason it is being presented now is that it keeps coming up in my consciousness in various ways so that I can no longer ignore expressing it and taking it further as all of these kinds of thought queries do.

Did you ever see someone in the distance and know who they were even before their face come into view? I am talking about the briefest of glances and then you simply know who the person. The glance isn't enough to even see any movement but the name of the person instantly pops up in your mind. When this used to happen I would put it down to coincidence. However the more these coincidences began to occur I began to recognize that something special was happening. I was seeing the signature of a person even before I saw their face in person. With practice this signature occurs even when there is no one in sight. I've had the name of a person pop up even before they actually turned the corner. What this tells me is that this kind of thing can be practiced and improved upon. What is most important about this discovery is that it can be applied across the board to all of our other meetings with truths we've yet to discover and with our heart's desire that we are intentionally uncovering. Here is how.

When you think about something that you want you are in a sense defining the parameters which lead it into manifestation. You can place as much detail into your visualizations as need be and still not be able to see that which you want appear immediately into form. What is missing? It is the signature of the thing, it's essence and defining principle by which it may be forever known. Just as we as individuals each have this kind of a signature, so too does our thought(s) of the thing we want have this indelible signature. The trick to finding and locking in on this signature in not in our visualizations but is resident in our feeling nature. This feeling nature goes beyond the emotions of knowing and having and being exuberant about making the image of our heart's desire come to life. All of these feelings are necessary to bring to life this treasured desire. When we do this we surround the form of our heart's desire entrances into manifestation and enticements to come forward but still haven't touched it's signature. This signature it turns out is a thing in and of itself. We have to let go of our normal awareness and just let go in order to see it. This signature is not a static thing but remains in motion. Following its flow means that we too have to remain in motion in order to keep up with it. It is when we match our flow with its internal flow that we see it and know it. We know it to exist now as an emanation of our thoughts which by transcendence we enter into from every direction including the physical.

Consider your heart's desire. You've locked on to it. It is all around you. You call to it and it answers you both with recognition and the potential to emanate into form. One more aspect is ready to enter into play. This is what I call the Handshake with the Divine. With this Handshake you make the connection. You accept and then you let go and then you become.



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