Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Bahir 21

Verse 21 opens up a whole other area for study. It ties together also some inner meanings that have been floating around without a home.

"21. Rabbi Yochanan said: The angels were created on the second day. It is therefore written (Psalm 104:3), "He rafters His upper chambers with water [He makes the clouds His chariot, He walks on the wings of the wind]." It is then written (Psalm 104:4), "He makes the winds His angels, His ministers from flaming fire." [ Rabbi Haninah said: The angels were created on the fifth day, as it is written (Genesis 1:20), "And flying things shall fly upon the firmament of heaven." Regarding the angels it is written (Isaiah 6:2), "With two wings did they fly."] Rabbi Levatas ben Tavrus said: All agree, even Rabbi Yochanan, that the water already existed [on the first day]. But it was on the second day that "He raftered His upper chambers with water." [At that time He also created] the one who "makes the clouds his chariot," and the one who "walks on the wings of the wind." But His messengers were not created until the fifth day. "

For most the energy that is represented by angels is unconscious. We rarely notice this energy. When we hear an inner voice or sense an uplifted feeling, these are the manifestations of our angels. The allusion is to something out of our ordinary world, something which is holy and that surrounds the one who makes everything. It is the "He" that is mentioned in this above passage. He refers to God but in another sense it also refers to our will in making our thoughts apparent before our minds eye. Everytime you meditate on something you make pictures to help you to move your thoughts around the way you want to see them. Meditation is not just sitting and waiting for something to happen or to let the void become one with us in nothingness. These things it is true can happen in meditation but they represent a mind untrained to follow its own course. The trick is to be aware of "He" all along. First you must have a place or a background against which to imbue your world with creation. This background is where the light emanates from. This second day refers to thoughts which evolve from the initial light of your inspiration and they do indeed rafter your upper chambers with the water of their transcendence. This water is the fluid nature of thought conforming easily to the will which shapes it. The clouds are the thoughts in their earliest stages and we fly over them with the will which by the way is housed in the chariot of our self identity which sets the course for all to come after.
     The winds as angels. Think now as thoughts come forth and bond together because of their affinity with each other. Each time thought bonds with thought there is this flaming fire which is the fire of bonding, the fire of the cohesion of energy now taking part of each other and making still another whole idea to branch from. Why is there this distinction between the fifth day of the second day. We are being something special here. It has to do with the generation of thought. The angels are called messengers that have not appeared until this fifth day. What else do we have on this fifth day to give us the link we need to connect these ideas together.
     'Let the waters swarm with swarms of living creatures, and let fowl fly above the earth in the open firmament of heaven.' Thought is now given life in the material world. In the water and in the earth thought now flourishes.
     'Be fruitful, and multiply, and fill the waters in the seas, and let fowl multiply in the earth.' Thought is given the mandate to take form, to take material form specifically. Then cattle is brought out into the earth. Another example of the deep filling that thoughts take as they take on the life of the image into which they have been sent.
     Consider that what we've been given by example is a perfect follow through for thought. Thought raised to conscious recognition as the angels appear. The second day is mentioned. We cannot take this away from this verse. The angels are described and then their associationswith the thoughts being placed into matter in such a way as to promote the appearance of form. These forms are still precursors to the thing itself but they are definitely harbingers or what is to come when man say that yes this is the shape and name of things to come. Man appears out of this entire bringing forth. Man is not an after thought but a part of the initial sending. Man becomes the image imbued now with life and self recognition. This is what we are able to tell since we are told to look not at the second day when the angels appear as ideas but when they produce the first forms of their impress, the living creatures of earth, sky and water.


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