Friday, May 13, 2005

Above and Beyond

Blessed be that which is above me for from this place called heaven come all of the wonderful things that I experience in my life. Blessed be that glorious abode above which I send my expectations and my prayers for an abundant life. Blessed be my connection with the holiness on high for it is from there that all feelings of exaltation issue from. I speak of this above but this is not a reference to location but a reference to the unlimited bounty of good that comes from here. Truly unlimited abundance comes from everywhere even the most unsuspecting places.

Above and beyond the calling of the name on high.
Soaring through myriad heavens with angels passing by.
Whisked away in a flash by the roaring of the wind.
letting go of the moments that come and then begin.

A flower appears to express the wonder of it all.
Pelicans fly in formation heeding to an ancient call,
and suddenly now you remember everything
that you were born to be of this and all that this can bring.

A gentle sigh ascending high opening up a mansion.
The wisdom sight, clears the night and lightens up a lantern.
In your heart, let vision start to widen your horizons,
Stretching near banish fear to become all that you have tried on.

Look in awe send forth Binah with all the forms enlivened.
Transformation now understanding wow, the revelation full in season.
This line in time to drink the wine and celebrate each reason.
No longer hide and open wide you who are to see the one.

Change your mind with what you find and go with every moment
Be the maker let go the taker and watch it fully blossom
The dish you make and wish partake are complete inside and out.
Focus sure and then some more revealing pure the wisdom's core.

In the space of a second meanings will follow one another.
You'll wonder at first where they come from but that really doesn't matter.
Be certain that your time to frame your thoughts is well spent.
Continue in this way for eternity they say and listen for the next answer.


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