Friday, May 13, 2005

Phase Shift

     In order to attune yourself to the vibrational level of your heart's desire you have to embody the qualities and the thoughts which make up this vision. You send forth vibrational messages with every thought you think. When you are focusing on a certain specific type of energy (your heart's desire) this causes the surrounding thought forms to vibrate whenever your attention is brought to bear. Usually your attention will focus for a while and then it will taper off as other thoughts inevitably cruise in (I'm tired of sitting here, what's for dinner, what was that noise, what is my cat doing over there licking his toes). These thoughts may temporarily interrupt your meditative flow. When this happens the only thing to do is to either start over again or wait until you can make another quiet moment for yourself. Eventually you will be successful in your meditations to the point where the energy begins to shift from the visionary to the actual. Remember you are training your mind to return to those thoughts you have chosen to dwell upon. As in every other training even when you aren't consciously going for these thoughts, they will come up underneath the surface and depending upon their energy and your persistence you will experience a phase shift. Now whenever you turn to your focused thinking the energy becomes clearer and vibrates at a higher rate. Sometimes you will feel something like a switch being turned on inside of your head. This is a definite indicator of moving from on form of energy to another. Your thought form has attained a higher status. It now is working on it own independent now of your focus buidling up to the next level of awakening which is the manifestation of this thought form. This manifestation occurs due to a buildup of energy which is now released and allowed to settle. As it settles the thought form holds it shape and you as the observer witness the realization of your heart's desire. These phase shifts can occur at almost any time. It can be argued that the manifestation of your heart's desire is simply another phase shift and that then when you move on to another area of focus you'll experience then again a subsequent phase shift. The reason why it is important to notice these phase shifts is that they provide dividing line between what was and now what is. As soon as the shift occurs it is time to use this new found energy wave to move onward so that the momentum may not be lost. It would be easy to sit back and ride this phase shift until it settled down but then there would be the possibility that the wave would subside and even worse deteriote so that the shift would occur in the opposite direction under the influence of other non focused thoughts. Use the experience of the phase shift to catapult farther along in your vibrational journey from thought into form.


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