Thursday, May 12, 2005

Right Mind

Right mind is a responsive mind. This means that you can trust your inner voice to lead you in the ways that are good. There is only one way to build up trust. That is by letting go and allowing the universe to help you. Start with one purpose which is to see your good every day. Then anytime something comes up to distract you from this purpose gently lead your mind back to this purpose. Nothing, no matter how important it seems to you at the time is better than the experience of right mind. Everything else can be replaced. Right mind can only be achieved by letting go of illusion (anger, pain, frustration, etc.)and returning to right mind. Right mind is how you feel when you are thinking about your dreams, and visions for the future. It is right mind because you feel good about thinking of yourself in the best possible way. This is not an ego trip by any standards. When you consider everything that is good for you this creates a vibration of good within which resonates without. So strong is this vibration of right mind that it can literally absorb and cause sympathy in vibration to any lower thought formations. That is why it is so important to know right mind. This right mind is the peace which passes understanding and is not just the province of saints or holy persons. Every time you think about what you choose to think about you are encouraging right mind. When your thoughts take on the color of your aspirations you are experiencing right mind. When you leave behind anger, or pain, you are experiencing right mind. Right mind can only grow in power and majesty. Its expansion is infinite. You could say that right mind is becoming filled with spirit. Yes this is true because what is spirit other than consciously chosen thoughts that now resonate within you and overflow with good. Do not be afraid to get to know yourself because only then will you be able to come to terms with whom you are. These terms are such that you accept for yourself all of your wonderful thoughts. You actively seek more wonderful thoughts and choose to spend time meditating upon them. Please understand that this process will give you a lifetime of discovery and at no point in your quest will you ever say "there is nothing more." That in itself is enough to encourage you to seek and to find right mind exactly where you are this very moment. Begin now.


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