Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Spiritual Prerogative

     What is a spiritual prerogative? Essentially this means to move your thoughts in the direction of your good. Only when you achieve a consistent direction will you be the master of your own fate. It is your thinking and the momentum that this thinking builds which develops the emerging personality of certainty. The most important thing to know in any movement of force is the motion which requires the least resistance and the maximum push. Consider the motion of an olympic swimmer wearing a special suit to reduce resistance and applying the maximum push produce the momentum of force. The swimmer focuses their energy in a closed loop returning to the side of the pool to push off each time. These points of pushing off extend the energy rather than simply diving under and turning around. Here for one moment maximum resistance occurs ideally with maximum push. This operates only in the brief moment the swimmers feet coil and extend outwards against the wall as they complete their turn. This results in a transfer of energy that keeps their momentum flowing towards their goal of victory at the finish line.
     There is also a transfer of energy in terms of focusing on your thoughts which also lead to another kind of finish line; the demonstration of your good. All throughout here you are gaining momentum by meditating on your good. However there may come a moment when you become anxious. If you allow this anxiety to influence your thinking then some momentum which is lost will have to be made up again. With the swimmers turn it is important to remember the direction that you are going in so that when you come up out of your turn you are facing in the direction you want to go. Similarly when there are doubts we are to remember the direction we are headed into and then we can pick up on any momentum that we've lost as the doubts distract our attention. The return of momentum pushes you off the certainty of your destination and heads you flowing towards there as if you had never been interrupted.
     This makes your spiritual prerogative your focus so that you remember where you are going at all times. You are successful in this when in the middle of something you remember your good and how wonderful it is to be mindful of this good. Then no matter what stress may be occuring you will be transferred to the momentum you had before you were momentarily paused in your distraction.
     This then becomes a most important element in freeing your mind from every distraction. The momentum awaits you as your good is a constant which is ever ready for you to pick up and run with.


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