Thursday, December 23, 2004

The Vanishing Point

     Look at the horizon. There is a point beyond where you cannot see any further. Even if you are flying in a plane high enough to see the curvature of the earth there is still this vanishing point. It moves as you move. This same type of phenomenon occurs in your awareness of the thoughts you are thinking. Whenever you reach up for your most profound revelation you become aware that no matter how uplifting or inspiring your thought is, there always remains more to be discovered. This vanishing point of your awareness describes the nature of thought and how the universe of thought acts in perpetuity in raising the level of our consciousness.
     This means that no matter where we are in our thoughts we always have something wonderful to look forward to. This isn't a whimsical hope or a fervent prayer it is the nature of reality of thought and by extension the all appearances of form. It is very important to realize that this concept is a recurring factor in all growth oriented functions of our thinking, acting being.
     This vanishing point of our awareness is the certainty that things are getting better all the time. We operate within by the images we hold within our minds. This is why today you can place this image of the vanishing point securely in place for the coming year and for the timeless eternity all of us are moving towards. This image of the horizon receding before you may be invoked at any and all times. Especially when things do not make sense. Hold your thoughts on this image and all of the extensions of this image that are evoked within your mind. Perhaps you are struggling to build your own internal thought structure. Others may be nay sayers or negative influences. Keep focused on your own vanishing point of seeing your world change for the better before your eyes. In this way negativity will be left behind and your world will shape itself into image and likeness of your inspired thinking which grows as a result of the certainty that this is what is meant to be. You and your thinking become partners in the process of creation.
     In the beginning there is light and the light sees everything which is why it is light. It is the total expression of unity, the complete realization of every form, every action and all the reactions that ever are. Such a vision could not be anything but light. And yet the light does not know meaning until it sees its own reflection. This reflection is therefore in the nature of a dream in which meaning is discovered at every awakening.
     Now to tie these concepts together. Light is the vanishing point of our awareness every time we cross the threshold of discovery within. Light awakens us to the endless possibilities our lives contain. The way to reveal the light each time is by dreaming away the gross matter of time or our present condition. Using our image making power, which is after all our birthright inherited from the light, we take the substance of our being and reawaken ourselves to the overflowing of the light. This light flows into our lives by our attention to letting go of time (past or future) and allowing our present moment to become filled with the vanishing point of our awareness. This means that we can always be part of an inspiring moment simply by seeing this moment the same way we watch in wonder as the new horizon appears as we approach it. Expect the wonder, enjoy the splendor, and luxuriate in the magic of discovery anew.


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