Wednesday, January 12, 2005

What is the Purpose of Prayer

A question was asked: What is the purpose of Prayer. It was asked in connection with the study of Kabbalah. I answered this one using what we have learned from thought into form, which is the inspiration which is presented below:

Prayer is the act of teaching your thoughts to transform into light. When you transform your thoughts you are asking for light. This light is represented by what you want to see in your world. You see what you want is your intention or kavannah. Perhaps this is an advanced teaching but there is no secret about this. As soon as you say purpose you are bringing in free will. Ask for something good. It is this will to good that will ultimately transform the entire universe in light bearing-giving creatures.

You say Kabbalah teaches but perhaps you mean your teachers are telling you how the world is.
If not then pause a moment and reflect. Kabbalah is an abstract art subject to myriads of interpretations. Again I say this that Kabbalah means to receive. If you do not learn to receive your thoughts and transform them into light, you will have nothing to share and will only be looking for second best, handouts so to speak.

It is confusing when you are told to think a certain way and that it will bring you peace. The only way to think is for yourself. This is the only time you can be sure of a purety of result. This pureness of result is your prayer. Prayer begins in your heart. Make your world in the image of your thoughts, and make your thoughts transform into the light of your design.

Let go of your teacher's hand a moment. Let go of what "kabbalah teaches." Kabbalah was never meant to shackle anyone's thought's but to release the mind from its dependence on reaction. Proactive is free.
Think for yourself. Only then are you free. I know it is scary at first. All this programming and then someone tells you to discard it all in favor of self determination. How selfish can we be? Selfish to think our own thoughts and unify with the creator who never leaves our side.

Prayer proves thought. This is a secret that was kept and is being kept from many under the guise of a master-student relationship. The master knows his thought produces form, but some masters will not share this information and will tie the students to them with guilt. If the student knew that prayer proves thought he could never follow anyone ever again. His own road would open up for him. The enlightened student does not need the master. The less than enlightened master needs the student, it is how the master gets the ordinary work done that he disdains. Think well on this. Discard it if you will however it will come back to you as all truth has a way of doing.

So to answer your question. Your purpose is to prove your thought. Then you have defined your prayer and it is acceptable before that which is above you, in you, around you, through you and for you.


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