Tuesday, December 28, 2004

The Alchemical Sun of my Awareness

     In Southern California it was raining. Usually at lunchtime my wife JJ and I take a walk but we didn't think we would be able to walk today. However after meditating on the sun of my awareness the rain stopped momentarily just long enough for us to step around the block. It was another signature lesson in understanding the beauty of our surroundings and how everything works together. I am is listening and is becoming that which is its focus. So much understanding in these words which make the worlds in which we live and move and have our being. In order to become one with the place that you are seeking both in mind and in kind, realize that your image making mind produces reflections. These reflections take the form of chemical reactions inside of the body so that our awareness may be literally lifted up. This lifting up provides us with the awakening of the observer who now plays inside of our bodies both in physical and non physical form. This play is to watch the entire world revolve around the images of our reflections. The feelings of plenty result and the images hold true to their becoming.
Here is partial explanation of the actual process of linking to the unified field theory including the subatomic reactions and the quantum physics which take place as a result.

     We have a negative reaction. This produces chemicals which produce unease, uncertainty and feelings of fear. These chemicals keep being produced by a mind that knows only how to react to these chemicals. They flood our system with negativity and in a sense force us to think of more negativity to explain these reactions. This leads to dis-ease and causes breakdowns in the body. All because we do not stop reacting to these chemicals of destruction. These chemicals also produce their own kinds of reactive states which bring about a declining state of your affairs. They do this by producing fields of energy which rotate in such a way as to leach off the energy of life itself. I am stating a drastic case here to make a point. The point is that there is something that we can do about this and we do not have to wait for any medicine to take effect.

     Stop. You are the observer. Recognize that your thoughts are yours to deal with. Any hurt you feel is yours to heal. Heal these negative thoughts by letting your observer reaffirm your right to be wonderful in every moment. Tell yourself, talk to yourself, give yourself every reason to be thankful, hopeful, grateful, joyful, etc, so that now instead of producing chemicals which pull down, you are producing chemicals which lift up, heal, expand and inspire. As these chemicals flow throughout your body recognize that this feeling of energy you have or this feeling of well being or confidence is inspired by the chemicals produced by your own positive thoughts. Forget about what is true in that every thought which brings forth your good can be your only thought. Any others are impostors. This is so difficult to remember but it is no impossible and with practive you can achieve a state of expanding mind. Expanding inside of the universe you are making inside of yourself. Your state of mind or your state of being produces an energy field which brings about positive fulfilling life experiences for you. Through immersion inside of the field of your own self produced feelings of wonder you establish connection with wonder itself. The wonder of changing your mind and being in the right place at the right time. The wonder of meeting the person who you are connecting perfectly with, the wonder of right work, right mate, and right action accompanies you throughout this process of intentionally becoming the next step in your own evolution.

     Quantum physics studies possibities. Atoms and particles and subatomic particles appear here or there. You cannot separate the observer from these observations. Predictions come true but once again the observer is the key element in the observation. This is how it must be. Metaphysically this is how our thoughts become form. The above example using chemicals in the body which are produced by thinking one way or another is a replication of quantum physics in action. Possibilities change according to where your observer stands and what he is looking through. Our lives change according to the distance we can postulate within in terms of the observation of our own state of being.

     Connections. Chemicals. Atoms. Particles. Sub Atomic particles. These are all ways to describe the way things fit together and how they come to be. A process is begun. There is a reaction. This we know for sure and yet our descriptions mean nothing unless we can apply it to everyday life and we are able to intersect our theories with the reality of forms in which we experience our lives. It is an interlocking puzzle with the pieces in constant motion. Ours is to determine the where or when we are to place our focus and with what degree of intensity we need to apply this focus. When Don Juan tells Carlos Castaneda to move his assemblage point in order to experience these other worlds he is speaking a world of wisdom. Move your own set of mind inscribed feelings to a place where they will always be free in their expression. This free expression is paramount to experiencing these other worlds in the midst of our present "normal" reality.

     All inspiration comes from that which is added to us from that which we have focused upon. The songs I write come from the thought of writing the songs and feelings of inspiration which are the overflowing of thoughts into form.

     You are all familiar with computer programs right. The program loads itself in Windows or MAC or Linux. It is really a program within a program. It is its own world subject only to the outside world of the operating system of which it is a part. Sound familiar. Our operating system is the totality of the universe. The programs we run are set into motion by the scripts in our mind otherwise known as thoughts or bundles of thought. These scripts execute the program, bring it into manifestation within the field of our awareness. We as the observer of our vision have the ability to reprogram our final outcome or the appearance of the opened program on the screen of our awareness. We also have the ability to change the pictures that we experience much the same way we can change digital images using programs such as photoshop. As the observer we are empowered to learn all we need to about the internal workings of our program so that when we want to make changes we will be able to do so with intelligence, and artistic facility.

     Your thoughts change in the moment because your feelings change. These feelings are affected by your reactions to outside stimuli. The paradigm we need to setup and maintain is to provide our own stimulus via the thoughts we are choosing to think in the moment. These thoughts are the thing itself. What comes of these thoughts are the experiences we see and recognize as being a part of the unity of our central expression. A mood of happiness prevails because no longer do we fight the inner convictions of truth which we allow into the expression of our consciousness. Ideas burst forth from these expressions making new strings of understanding which in turn produce the chemicals in our bodies which stimulate our connections to the unfolding world into which we are entering. Always the mind arrives first. If the mind leaves we cannot complete the cycle of development. Keep the mind there in choice. Let this choice be your success in body mind and soul. Triumphant and eternal is your birthright. To be that which you have chosen to be as you choose your best vision and then go on and make it better and better.

     As the moments pass by you grow into a feeling of being one step ahead of yourself. You plan, you act and then the action comes forth effortlessly. You know that this unity of heart and mind has produced the form of unity. Your acceptance is total because in every part of the ongoing action you can see your thoughts and all of their reflections. In this way you rise above every situation with an inner knowing that the outcome is certain to be good. This certainty of good is the sum total of everything that is ever taught about the inner wisdom. Symbols, rituals, traditions, are all a part of learning about inner wisdom but they do not take the place of your own direct experience of this inner wisdom acting upon you and the various experiences you partake of in your lives. Basically we have to walk the talk. There is no other way.

     Some of you may be able to read these words and have a lifetime of meditation based upon their inner and outer meanings. Others will run with this knowing it to be the exact way in which you can change your mind and your life. The important thing about everything which has been brought forth in these moments is the continuity of thought and your realization that you are the spider who spins this web of golden strands. The web. The nexus. the interface between one universe and another. Everything is so much more than we can imagine which is exactly what I am trying to show here. Not only to present what is but what can be and how this expands every meaning we've ever had about anything. As inspiring as these thoughts are, know that they are the outer strands of the inner understanding that is being unfolded here and now right before your eyes.

     Do not accept any less for yourself. Give yourself the most glowing reports which will serve to light your way all throughout the day. Then watch as areas of your life become illumined and blockages are miraculously cleared. Any anger is transformed and all fear turned into certainty. There is a place inside where all of these insights will come together. You do not have to look for this place but only to know that it is being formed each moment. Add to that which you already know for sure. Like Jesus said ..."to him who hath it shall be given." You are reflecting those images of your life that you most want to live in. Here is how to utilize the Alchemical Sun of your awareness to grow these images into the forms of life that they are to become.

     See the sun within where all your inspiration goes to and comes from. Visualize this sun as an actual sun with your personality the earth which revolves around this sun. You, the earth are mutable. You change. Your thoughts change. Open up to the understandings given here and feel the light of your inner sun awakening and vivifying every wonderful hope and dream you cherish. Let the light come shining through. Feel it activating and rising through the tendrils that you have placed out there in the form of your images of being. Experience the bursting forth into seed and then the blossoming into fragrance flowers as your images beautify your world with the forms of your imagination. Experience what you have always wanted. It is this experience which brings about the deepest felt desire to be. As you experience this allow the sun of your inner light full visibility so that everywhere you look you are this light. Beyond the brightness there is laughter and smiling eyes take in the new worlds of form just imaged into being.

     Here is another image for meditation. You are a feather floating on a stream. Depending upon which way you orient yourself you will either make it past any blockages in the stream or be caught in the floating debris. Your orientation makes all the difference in taking you all the way into the ocean of all being, or the totality of being. Every subtle turn lets you change your course as is needed to proceed along your way. When you achieve unity the central current carries you and every correction becomes preordained or in the language used above, you stay one step ahead of yourself. This can also be called achieving the state of expectation where thoughts are flowing effortlessly in response to each turn of the moments according to what is revealed along the way.


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