Tuesday, January 18, 2005

The Power of N

     This power of N is a special quality of unity. It allows us to manifest our good by tapping upon the infinite resources of the universe. Every resource then becomes immediately available. These include every change that must take place within and without for the demonstration of my good and its continuing manifestation according to the ripples of thought which continue to surge forward in space and time. These ripples are related to the exponential power of the same multiplied by itself becoming more of itself and then becoming simply that which it truly is. This is a birthing like experience. We not only give birth to the thought but also bring forth the form in all its prepared statements of good. These prepared statements are the DNA of our form. It is a similar situation to when actual birth begins in the womb as thoughts coalesce into a personality, which then emerges as a person.
Thoughts come together in forces of awareness which descend upon the physical act of creation and imbue the body with the spirit or thought forms of personality bringing forth the personality of a person.
      In the same way thoughts build upon each other to bring about the forms of your design so that your world corresponds to these forms. The thoughts are plenty and the associations are sure as there is a building of certainty along the axis of the personality of the thought form.
     It is therefore by accretion that manifestation occurs. Thoughts are generated and then returned to. The thing itself which is the object of manifestation whether it be a situation or an actual object comes from a building upon the specific progression of these thought forms.
      I leave myself open to fully accept the forms of being that my imagination has wrought. This acceptance is a vital end game component. This calls for repeated affirmation and emotional insistence. Your emotions add force to open up the spiritual dimensions that are required before the appearance of the thing itself. This can also be known as the operation of good upon itself.
     Now in these moments of continuous manifestation the signs are always prevalent both before and after the primary focus has been achieved. Even when this focus is realized the secondary effects may be seen and improved upon. Just as a skill learned can be honed in continuing perfection, so too can we increase our good by constant attention to the details of our good


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