Thursday, January 13, 2005

Lift yourself up

     I can lift myself up by the thoughts I am thinking. I can think thoughts that are promoting the places and ideas that I want to spend time with. I can change the reality of my life through this process of intentional seeing. The exact moment of my becoming is when I make the choice to be active in my awakening. It is like pushing a cart along the street. The greater your realization of the implementation of the choices you can make in the moment the faster the cart is pushed at first and then you are carried by the momentum of your forward motion. Excitement builds as you attract the forms of your thought into the ideascape of the minds eye. There a subtle transfer of energy goes from uncertainty to certainty. This certainty is the result of expecting the next thoughts to be in line with the previous thoughts that you have set into motion. You keep telling yourself I am going to make this happen. Then you experience the results of your affirmations. It begins to happen and it doesn't matter the why or the how anymore. The demonstration is fuel enough to continue your process of unfoldment. Where I am in this moment is directly a result of the momentum that is gathering. It affects the thoughts which are coming in now and the waves of energy influencing these feelings of expection that this moment will reveal its incredible promise. As you keep on going it gets easier. A groove is established like a runner getting a second or third wind. You know what you are doing and excel in the actions it takes to accomplish your goals.


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