Monday, January 10, 2005

Certainty in Consciousness

     Certainty in Consciousness is the promotion of all things good.
Thoughts arise moment by moment. Certainty transforms the undifferentiated energy of thought into the positive energy of our visions. Thoughts arranged just the way we like them. These thoughts are supported by affirmations. Think of the creation story. ....the Lord created the heavens ....... - Undifferentiated thought, then
It was good.......affirmation. We are given the template of creation just as it began way back when.
     In between there is emotion which serves as the connecting links between creation, affirmation and demonstration.
      What takes place in mind is the sense of the awareness of its own state of being. This corresponds to the stasis of any atomic structure where there is instantaneous transformation.
     In one moment we are looking for our good to happen to us.
     In another we are certain it has arrived.
     Then in the next we experience our good.
     Like the movements of subatomic particles there is an instantaneous transfer of energy or a change of mind.
     What changes is the relationships that thoughts have to each other. The stabilized vortex of thought contain thoughts of certainty. Our reasons are strengthened by our emotions and raised up so that doubt cannot enter.
     Doubt seeks another arrangement supported by another energy configuration. It is outward facing while certainty is inward facing adding to the strength of the internal structure. The ultimate certainty can be compared with the tremendous energy of black holes time and space itself. These black holes are said to contain singularity which lead across vast distances connecting galaxies to each other.
     Similarly our thoughts in this state of intense certainty bring about the changes in space and time that produce the demonstrations of our thoughts as the experiences of our lives.


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