Monday, May 24, 2004

In time all things

The same clear thinking level headed response can be counted on when biding your time for the demonstration of your vision.

The Genesis of Change

      When one thing changes everything changes. This is compared to when you are seated in a certain place within everything that you look out upon can appear different according to this vantage point you are maintaining. Every plateau in thinking comes about as a result of the maturity of this thought process. Some of the factors in determing this maturity are the tests this structure of thinking energy has gone through. When these thought networks are capable of giving off energy without feeding on other thoughts they are known to be self sustaining in their orbit around the mindset of your physical being. There is no decaying of the orbits here because mind has learned to reach up for steadily renewable adjuncts to this thinking. all of your efforts are in the moment to be alert for everything which leads you into the raised consciousness. You can ignore everything around you to be there. By your efforts you do find yourself right where you have predicted through your intention of where you want to be. Finding this out at any point in this process is one of the strogest affirmations you can make within. This is because no wyou are seeing that which you have been thinking. You are not only seeing and experiencing these concepts but seeing them raised to the next highest level. It is a progression that we are working on here. We move through each area naturally. Time and place have no meanings anymore. The horizon is now upon you. The closeness of your perspective gives you a feeling of completion. The end started out in mind, then it comes into view and now it is integrated within your manifest being. See now those worlds upon worlds without end all come into view. These are the worlds of meanings that have been invoked by your consistent effort.

     When you open your mind to your highest awareness this in turn causes movements in the upper above where all the connections to every world are constantly coaslescing into form. These forms are plastic in nature as their substance changes according to the quality of your thinking. It is always towards these openings that every effort is directed into.

Friday, May 21, 2004

Thought moves upon itself. An action is visualized in mind. Perhaps a scene is played out with feeling. it takes on the quality of already being there. The mind then further sharpens its foucs. The details are brought into more resolution. Complexity and texture make the scene "more" real. You begin to have the feeling of the Certainty of this scene. Open yourself up to area of influence that brings this scene to life. Expand within. Accept the possibilities.

What about Satan?

Satan is a construct, an artifice, a conglomeration of projections. In short there is no such thing. Satan is the ultimate in projection, like a hundred mile of bad road where everyone discards their refuse. The height of folly is to assign any persona to that which is nothing but a lot of hot air.
The Creator is all good. Make no mistake about this. Otherwise you will always come up short and be wanting in everything you do. We are the bearers of our own fate. This is determined by our thinking. You can see the world through half and half glasses. You know, good and evil, half full, half empty, or you can see the world through the lens of ultimate perfection.
We are not independent of creation. We are creation itself. There is no getting away from this. The concepts of separation and Satan, are attempts by the ego to distance itself from its thinking. It is a false distance. This comes about when we think wrongly and then try and justify our mistake by saying it means nothing. It means everything. There are always corrections. The correction however is not Satan. This construct of meaningless repetitive blather is nothing. The correction is changing our mind so that we think in the mind of God. We think as our good is coming through us. Become aware of this in each moment and expect your good. Yes continuous joy. This doesn't mean we're on some kind of pleasure binge. Joy is the extension of happiness which keeps on transcending itself. This is the experience of our good. You live this moment which now can only improve upon the status quo. Life lived in the moment of your good will get better for you.
You stop the flow by contemplating separation and reacting to everything with a projection of your fears, guilt, etc., to the point where you fool yourself into believing in nothing at all.
I highly recommend contemplation of your good in every manner that you can conceive of. In this way the mind is so occupied with good that there is no room for anything else. Try this. Take baby steps but keep at it.

How do I protect myself from all of that thinking going on around me. I am outnumbered.

You are not outnumbered. There is only one. That is you. You need to change your mind from fear to Certainty. How? Try and think of reasons why your thoughts are secure from the influences of others. Recognize that within you is the will to good. This means that left alone your thinking would naturally rise to its highest level. If you are having a problem listening to good thoughts, take one thought perhaps this one here and expand upon it. That is the nature of you. Have confidence in yourself and build upon this. No one else can put this there. You will be amazed once you start this process how others will remark on how self assured you are. You set the bandwidth for your internal listening.
Tools: Any sacred writings will help you to take your mind off of those repetitive thoughts which pull you down. Include in these writings, "the Lord's Prayer, reciting the rosary, in Kabbalah you can read the Zohar, say the SHMA, or any prayer. The purpose of any of these tools, these words you say to yourself is to provide a pause in your uncontrolled thinking. These tools are useful in the early going but after a while you will recognize that you are thinking in repeat patterns and will then be able to change your thoughts, or change your mind. Try the following experiement. In the middle of something you are thinking about that appears disturbing, think about something wonderful. Think about some dream of happiness you want to come true. Truly visualize this. When you do this, the disturbing thoughts will melt away. That is the secret. Replace chaos with order. The order in this case is your direction in mind which establishes the counter flow. Knowing that you can do this without any help from any outside source is the most empowering of discoveries.

Thursday, May 20, 2004


     In every thought there is correction. As you are thinking there occurs a series of meanings. Anyone of these meanings can be corrected along the way. Think of this as trimming your sails to run against the wind. This wind you are running against is the egos ill conceived thinking which can throw us off course if we aren't ready at the tiller of the mind. We must be determined to keep to our course and make the necessary corrections whenever they are called for. This must become second nature to us. We are all seasoned sailors in mind. We all have these experiences of calms, storms and shining bright clear days. There are waters where we sail within that move us along according to our familiarity with these waters. This common inner knowing can be strengthened by paying attention to what we are thinking. This attention to our internal dialogue is the major focus that mind provides self awareness for. By recognizing that we can change our mind everything becomes possible in our lives. We can correct our course moment by moment along every avenue of realization. This is called freeing the mind and activating the Spontaneous Awareness. Go with the moment as your thoughts are soaring free and high in the upper reaches of forever. You also learn to play as you go. Let your awareness create those situations for yourself that you would most like to experience. The focus then becomes a complete letting go. Any second thoughts defeat this purpose. Move now quickly and accept what is there for you. It is the banquet of the Eternal there for your tasting and for your complete satisfaction. When the sails of your imagination have been set and trimmed, kick back and enjoy the ride. Smoothly then flowing out of your inner being is the awesome awareness of One. Connect. Connect. Complete the circuit.

Wednesday, May 19, 2004

Out of the ordinary

     Take yourself out of the ordinary and into the uncommon world of Certainty. The only entrance into Certainty is by the most direct route.
     There are no questions to be asked about Certainty. It is to be entered into and that is that. Think about the task before you as already being done. Build upon this completion. Count upon your Certainty to open up every moment to the influx of light. This light is your understanding and it flows along with the insights you find by paying attention to each moment. You are to experience therefore the fullness in each moment. This fullness is the overflowing good that is pouring forth from your creator endlessly. Relax into the feelings of completeness that come over you. Become aware that there is this extra something that is surrounding you. Feel your inner being rise to meet this extra something. Notice how the voice within moves with its own motion delivering very special elements of wisdom. There is a perfection that you can discover within each moment. Let your mind be free but directed towards your good. Understand that by giving yourself suggestions for your good all during the day that the end result is assured which is a continual connection. This connection is your certainty. Then it does not matter what takes place because you will see the plan of your life working all throughout each experience you share. Certainty provides both the inflowing and the outflowing circuit. It also sets the stage for every world to come. These worlds to come are the outworkings of your imagination now fully engaged upon the responsibility of your direction. It is even possible at this point in the process to perfect your vision in the most subtle of ways.

Tuesday, May 18, 2004

The Unknown Awaits You

The unknown awaits you yet somehow you already know what is there. It is the experience of being in two places at one time, and also letting go of time and place. Every internal inquiry opens up another aspect of your awareness. There is no end to this oepning up. When you reach for it you feel it. There is a return wave as understanding flows upwards meeting its connecting source. You have brought this along this far and will continue to move this endlessly forward. Watch for every new awakening.

Make it happen anyway that you look at it. It is the way you look at it that makes what you are seeing at the other end of your vision.
Keep your mind attuned always for the unexpected. There is a letting go into each moment that will lead the way.
Now I understand what it is I need to know. It is how to move forward with the single determination of the unity of being. It is the encounter of self taking with it the full functionality of manifest being. I bring forward that which is and that which is to be. I am a part of both of these linkages. They are taking me into the places I have set before me. It is these visions that paint the pictures of my world. I simply keep up the momentum of being in the moment. Each new horizon requires a leap of faith. These leaps of faiths build until you are continuing along with certainty in each moment. The elimination of time as a factor is accomplished with each awakening. These thoughts build of themselves. The energy is customized for each entryway into the magnificence of the unknown. Stop. Pause if you will. The vistas are always awesome to behold.

Monday, May 17, 2004

Already there

     I am already there. It is curious to be there at this place in time. It truly is seeing the end and knowing that it is good. This aspect of knowing is an integral part of the field of demonstration. In many instances this being already there is just a feeling. This feeling is however more deeply explained and worked out whenever the inquiry is directly in this kind of self conscious way. In order to know the field completely, each aspect is therefore examined in detail. Mind cannot know any lack of detail. Each renewing phase of expression contains those necessary reference points which subdivide and open up the awareness for continual influx of creative energy. Your inner vision expands because you are in effect increasing the diameter of the collecting lens of your awareness. This can be compared to seeking out galaxies without with a 60 mm lens or an 8 in lens. There are worlds of resolution here.
     Demonstration has a life of its own, but is always in the image of the maker. You are always able to see the truth in the outcomes you experience. These outcomes are the result of your inner awareness not only taking form but also of opening itself up to entertain the influx of the higher energies. These higher energies teach that perfection is reason enough to rise higher and higher in your capacity to unfold the all good. This all flowing all good is given forth as a result of sharing its inner being. This sharing can be a direct teaching, an indirect knowing by inspiration or a combination of the two. The higher awareness strikes the harmony notes of the temple within calling the holy place within to activation. The continuous activation of this holy place is called oneness with God, or unity with the Eternal. There are degrees here. Constant improvement amidst the raising of consciousness provides stepping stones across the holy altar. These inquiries inside here are designed by Unity and all revelations are guided by this Unity. The nature of revelation changes so that light is perceived not in the short bursts of brillance but in a suffusing of a brightening warm glow. These short burst were because our inner eye was not accustomed to the light. As the process proceeds we are able to sustain longer bursts of more continuous outpourings of the Eternal mind stuff. These outpourings are then perceived by a more fully conscious observer who then reports instantaneously linking Mind and Will. In this way the attitude of quiet exuberant expectancy is added to also on a continuous basis.
     The need to know disappears when you are already there. All knowledge then is self evident in the moment. You live then beyond time.

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