Monday, May 24, 2004

The Genesis of Change

      When one thing changes everything changes. This is compared to when you are seated in a certain place within everything that you look out upon can appear different according to this vantage point you are maintaining. Every plateau in thinking comes about as a result of the maturity of this thought process. Some of the factors in determing this maturity are the tests this structure of thinking energy has gone through. When these thought networks are capable of giving off energy without feeding on other thoughts they are known to be self sustaining in their orbit around the mindset of your physical being. There is no decaying of the orbits here because mind has learned to reach up for steadily renewable adjuncts to this thinking. all of your efforts are in the moment to be alert for everything which leads you into the raised consciousness. You can ignore everything around you to be there. By your efforts you do find yourself right where you have predicted through your intention of where you want to be. Finding this out at any point in this process is one of the strogest affirmations you can make within. This is because no wyou are seeing that which you have been thinking. You are not only seeing and experiencing these concepts but seeing them raised to the next highest level. It is a progression that we are working on here. We move through each area naturally. Time and place have no meanings anymore. The horizon is now upon you. The closeness of your perspective gives you a feeling of completion. The end started out in mind, then it comes into view and now it is integrated within your manifest being. See now those worlds upon worlds without end all come into view. These are the worlds of meanings that have been invoked by your consistent effort.

     When you open your mind to your highest awareness this in turn causes movements in the upper above where all the connections to every world are constantly coaslescing into form. These forms are plastic in nature as their substance changes according to the quality of your thinking. It is always towards these openings that every effort is directed into.


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