Friday, May 21, 2004

What about Satan?

Satan is a construct, an artifice, a conglomeration of projections. In short there is no such thing. Satan is the ultimate in projection, like a hundred mile of bad road where everyone discards their refuse. The height of folly is to assign any persona to that which is nothing but a lot of hot air.
The Creator is all good. Make no mistake about this. Otherwise you will always come up short and be wanting in everything you do. We are the bearers of our own fate. This is determined by our thinking. You can see the world through half and half glasses. You know, good and evil, half full, half empty, or you can see the world through the lens of ultimate perfection.
We are not independent of creation. We are creation itself. There is no getting away from this. The concepts of separation and Satan, are attempts by the ego to distance itself from its thinking. It is a false distance. This comes about when we think wrongly and then try and justify our mistake by saying it means nothing. It means everything. There are always corrections. The correction however is not Satan. This construct of meaningless repetitive blather is nothing. The correction is changing our mind so that we think in the mind of God. We think as our good is coming through us. Become aware of this in each moment and expect your good. Yes continuous joy. This doesn't mean we're on some kind of pleasure binge. Joy is the extension of happiness which keeps on transcending itself. This is the experience of our good. You live this moment which now can only improve upon the status quo. Life lived in the moment of your good will get better for you.
You stop the flow by contemplating separation and reacting to everything with a projection of your fears, guilt, etc., to the point where you fool yourself into believing in nothing at all.
I highly recommend contemplation of your good in every manner that you can conceive of. In this way the mind is so occupied with good that there is no room for anything else. Try this. Take baby steps but keep at it.


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