Monday, May 17, 2004

Already there

     I am already there. It is curious to be there at this place in time. It truly is seeing the end and knowing that it is good. This aspect of knowing is an integral part of the field of demonstration. In many instances this being already there is just a feeling. This feeling is however more deeply explained and worked out whenever the inquiry is directly in this kind of self conscious way. In order to know the field completely, each aspect is therefore examined in detail. Mind cannot know any lack of detail. Each renewing phase of expression contains those necessary reference points which subdivide and open up the awareness for continual influx of creative energy. Your inner vision expands because you are in effect increasing the diameter of the collecting lens of your awareness. This can be compared to seeking out galaxies without with a 60 mm lens or an 8 in lens. There are worlds of resolution here.
     Demonstration has a life of its own, but is always in the image of the maker. You are always able to see the truth in the outcomes you experience. These outcomes are the result of your inner awareness not only taking form but also of opening itself up to entertain the influx of the higher energies. These higher energies teach that perfection is reason enough to rise higher and higher in your capacity to unfold the all good. This all flowing all good is given forth as a result of sharing its inner being. This sharing can be a direct teaching, an indirect knowing by inspiration or a combination of the two. The higher awareness strikes the harmony notes of the temple within calling the holy place within to activation. The continuous activation of this holy place is called oneness with God, or unity with the Eternal. There are degrees here. Constant improvement amidst the raising of consciousness provides stepping stones across the holy altar. These inquiries inside here are designed by Unity and all revelations are guided by this Unity. The nature of revelation changes so that light is perceived not in the short bursts of brillance but in a suffusing of a brightening warm glow. These short burst were because our inner eye was not accustomed to the light. As the process proceeds we are able to sustain longer bursts of more continuous outpourings of the Eternal mind stuff. These outpourings are then perceived by a more fully conscious observer who then reports instantaneously linking Mind and Will. In this way the attitude of quiet exuberant expectancy is added to also on a continuous basis.
     The need to know disappears when you are already there. All knowledge then is self evident in the moment. You live then beyond time.


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