Thursday, May 20, 2004


     In every thought there is correction. As you are thinking there occurs a series of meanings. Anyone of these meanings can be corrected along the way. Think of this as trimming your sails to run against the wind. This wind you are running against is the egos ill conceived thinking which can throw us off course if we aren't ready at the tiller of the mind. We must be determined to keep to our course and make the necessary corrections whenever they are called for. This must become second nature to us. We are all seasoned sailors in mind. We all have these experiences of calms, storms and shining bright clear days. There are waters where we sail within that move us along according to our familiarity with these waters. This common inner knowing can be strengthened by paying attention to what we are thinking. This attention to our internal dialogue is the major focus that mind provides self awareness for. By recognizing that we can change our mind everything becomes possible in our lives. We can correct our course moment by moment along every avenue of realization. This is called freeing the mind and activating the Spontaneous Awareness. Go with the moment as your thoughts are soaring free and high in the upper reaches of forever. You also learn to play as you go. Let your awareness create those situations for yourself that you would most like to experience. The focus then becomes a complete letting go. Any second thoughts defeat this purpose. Move now quickly and accept what is there for you. It is the banquet of the Eternal there for your tasting and for your complete satisfaction. When the sails of your imagination have been set and trimmed, kick back and enjoy the ride. Smoothly then flowing out of your inner being is the awesome awareness of One. Connect. Connect. Complete the circuit.


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