Wednesday, May 19, 2004

Out of the ordinary

     Take yourself out of the ordinary and into the uncommon world of Certainty. The only entrance into Certainty is by the most direct route.
     There are no questions to be asked about Certainty. It is to be entered into and that is that. Think about the task before you as already being done. Build upon this completion. Count upon your Certainty to open up every moment to the influx of light. This light is your understanding and it flows along with the insights you find by paying attention to each moment. You are to experience therefore the fullness in each moment. This fullness is the overflowing good that is pouring forth from your creator endlessly. Relax into the feelings of completeness that come over you. Become aware that there is this extra something that is surrounding you. Feel your inner being rise to meet this extra something. Notice how the voice within moves with its own motion delivering very special elements of wisdom. There is a perfection that you can discover within each moment. Let your mind be free but directed towards your good. Understand that by giving yourself suggestions for your good all during the day that the end result is assured which is a continual connection. This connection is your certainty. Then it does not matter what takes place because you will see the plan of your life working all throughout each experience you share. Certainty provides both the inflowing and the outflowing circuit. It also sets the stage for every world to come. These worlds to come are the outworkings of your imagination now fully engaged upon the responsibility of your direction. It is even possible at this point in the process to perfect your vision in the most subtle of ways.


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