Tuesday, October 12, 2004

Each time you dream................................

     Expand yourself into the range of possibilities under which it happens. That which you are seeking is always within. In your seeking connect with the exact measure of your determination to achieve the demonstration of the form you have been focusing upon. This form is a construct of your thinking.
     I have this. I am this. The thing itself is here upon me in this very moment. There is no where that I can look and not see it. There are no other eyes that I could gaze into that will not show me this that I am. Instead of seeing what is already there. See what is here and now and look through the eyes of this awareness. Instead of searching for this or waiting to see this, resolve your vision to see this now. Understand that your vision is what brings all thoughts into form. It is not only how you see but what you see in your world as a result of your template of vision which determines the outcome.
     Make every reason to remind yourself of the focus of your attention. As it shifts gently bring it back and creatively align your thoughts to bring this focus through to fruition.
     It is here now because I remember every moment that it was ever brought into being including those moments that arrived of themselves because of the purpose of creator thought. It is more than one thing after another and it the sum total of completion on every level of manifestation. These completions then build upon themselves in a cascade of affirmation.
     Each time you dream you wake up into another world. This time direct your dreaming to where you want to go.


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