Monday, August 23, 2004

Removing the Veils to Awareness.

     Some say that the light is too bright and that you can never face God directly. They propose placing an intermediary inbetween you and God. In addition to this intermediary they propose ritualistic practices as a way to approach the Eternal and not be burned by the brightness of your approach.

     Nothing however could be further from the truth. It is imperative that you know what you are thinking and that you respect the thoughts you are making. Any veiled approach will produce limited results. How could that which is an integral part of you ever want to harm you. Face the Eternal directly, remove the veils and change your mind. You do not need anything except your own mind and its connection to the Eternal. When you meditate ask for what you want and feel the joy of receiving this. Continue to meditate on having what you want. Overflow with joy.

     We approach the Eternal when we realize that we can change our minds and in so doing direct our thoughts exactly where we want them and our lives to be. This internal communication between the awakening self and the self awakened Eternal is the basis for all interactions between thought and form.

     We have a soul or an inner being or a spirit guide which is there as a unique part of us. It shows us what we must do by the feelings it causes our identification with this body to become aware of. If we are thinking about something that is good for us, joy will be the feeling. If we are thinking about something which isn't for our good, then we will have an uneasy feeling, or in some cases feel this ache in the pit of our stomach.

     Think about what you want directly influencing your thoughts to pay attention to those images within which promote what you want. Your mind directs these images and brings about the forms of your thought.

     Any outside influence which causes your inner guide to become unsure and produce negative feelings must be avoided at all costs. This is a warning from your inner sense of what is right. Everyone has this help within.

     Direct your learning to pay attention to what you are thinking and then change your mind accordingly. This is how you work in concert with creation. Any spiritual study which does not have this paradigm as its central focus is not going to work. It is going to be another veil to your awareness.

     It is during this time that all the veils may be removed from your life. Do you seek a better life? Make it then by thinking about what this better life will be like. Think about now what you plan to experience as you think your world into being.
It is really as simple as that. You do not know this truth unless you work with it and try it diligently. Change a single thought and you have the knack of this. Keep changing your mind to suit the world you want to live and you will have everything you are thinking about and wanting. Place joyful deep emotion into what you are thinking and you will experience your thoughts as form in a shorter period of time.

Does this really work? No matter what you are thinking. You are either going to experience your random thoughts, of someone else's who has been magnetically influencing your thinking. Wouldn't it be much better then to know your own mind and produce your own custom tailored creations? Then you would be working for your good all of the time. By your example others will be influenced to work for their good.

     It is your choice as to what you are thinking about. If you start now to think only about what you want, and do this at every opportunity you get, your life will soon be filled with what you want. Satisfaction is guaranteed. It is up to you. You have both the power and responsibility to chart your own course and build your own life.


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