Friday, June 25, 2004

Here and Now

It is here and now that I watch my vision coming into form In this place and at this time. It is the focusing of my attention letting go into mystery each moment that brings forward this vision set before as form. It passes now into manifestation. There is never a time when it has not come to be. It isn't justs all around me but it is everywhere at once present throughout all of creation. In this way the established form demonstrates its connection to the unified thoughts issuing forth from moment to moment along this path of realization. It is by my attention that I receive that which I have always received. It happens now and then again as each moment verifies my attention. Here I am at the point of the mystery always and I move forward with confidence knowing I will be following my own thinking into experience. Everything that I am doing within and without is perfect. There is absolutely no other way than to follow my thoughts into form. It is upon me and is in this place that I recognize the form.


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