Monday, July 12, 2004

What Love Can Do
Every thought is coming from a core energy of thinking where similar thoughts make up the entire relationship of concepts to each other. The main benefit for inquiring as to the nature of thoughts coming into form is that of self determination. Our inquiry leads to the very thing that is being sought after. It cannot work any other way. This self determination is the relationship that thoughts have to each other. They are how we can understand the various energies that we are in fact calling thought within our minds. The closer these relationships are to one another the more understanding is revealed as our inquiry keeps expanding to encompass the whole of our being. There are affinities that are established between thoughts of similar energy signatures. They can only maintain the bonds of their attraction for one another by accepting freely the energy passing between them. This energy turns out to be the extension of our intention. Thoughts issue forth and are built together forming the core basis for our certainty. It is encouraging in mind to be reassured on every level of the truth of our thinking. In other words when we want to see something appear in form we have to go beyond a simple wanting or even an earnest desire. These feelings will not be enough to cause the transformations that are necessary to produce our vision before us. We need unify our vision with our highest thoughts. In effect, what we have to do is make sure our thinking rings true with the Eternal, our highest good. This isn't something we can pinpoint or see with our eyes. We have to feel this certainty the way we feel love for another and feel their love returned. We want to be able to have our life in line with this love so that we can imbue our vision with it. It is love which makes the transformation of ideas into warm feelings of accomplishment. Thoughts undergo a change in state from the intellect to the emotions. It is through this emotion of love that every possibility comes into play to realize our thoughts into form. The emotion of love contains a basic element of giving. This giving is essential in that it is a one way operation. There isn't a giving in order to receive something back. It is a pure sharing. There is an outpouring of good will from one to another. This is the same process that takes place between thoughts that in a harmonious relationship with each other. This sharing takes place spontaneously. Energy is not expended during these transactions because true sharing between thoughts or individuals takes place in the highest consciousness. It is in this highest consciousness where our connection is made to the Eternal. What love does through the act of connection is to fill our visions with life. The life of any particular vision can involve any number of individuals, even the entire world. This life like all other living things grows into the extent of its awareness. It keeps pushing these frontiers of its own passing into form. There are modifications and improvements along the way so that the final result is usually much better than we thought we had imagined.


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