Thursday, June 17, 2004

Make up your Mind

I remember asking someone how they were doing this morning. They replied. I cannot tell yet. It was an honest answer. When they asked me how I was doing I replied that I was doing good. This was an honest answer as well. At the time what I was doing internally was knowing my mind and my thoughts and choosing what I needed to think about in the exact moment that I was thinking about it. The layers of meaning were also there to remind me that the strength of my thinking depended upon what I accepted as being fully in line with the desired outcome I wanted to see in my life in this moment and in every moment to come. The person who I passed was younger and I knew from experience that they had many doubts about who they were. This is common at any age but especially with a young man who is trying to be so many things that are put upon him by the external exigencies of our modern world. My first thought about his answer was that he couldn't make up his mind because he did not know his mind. He had doubts because his thoughts were like being in a crowded mall, and trying to have a conversation. There were so many impinging ideas in his mind. He did not know which to latch on to. I knew that this condition was a common one for all of us. It keeps occuring until we recognize that we can make a difference in the quality and substance of our thinking. Gradually we are able to sift through the layers of noise that come through and see the true self shining through. This isn't a mystical vision that we have. It is a very real permanent connection. We grow to understand this voice within and to distinguish it from the myriad others which may be vying for our attention. When we connect with this internal voice we are guided perfectly according to the life path that most fulfills our need to express our particular gifts in the world around us. Our lives then become a flow of movement from our thoughts into form. This progression of movement is a natural outpouring of the attention that we are learning to focus our minds eye upon.


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