Monday, June 21, 2004

The Energy of Transformation

The energy of transformation is your intention to transform your entire world around you. All along you have been transforming your thinking to rise up into the highest awareness of being. By bringing forward this concept we are able to pinpoint the kind of attention that you need to bring to concentrate your attention upon within. The entire cosmos is at your disposal. Your attention can reach out to the farthest edges of everywhere. All of the perceptions that you have within are mirrored in physical seeing. As you visualize these transformations taking place they are happening everywhere all around you. It is a subtle process yet it is all powerful in that the changes being made will make you a witness to their demonstrations. You transform the world that is into the world that is to be choosing to enter into this world as it is becoming a reality. In accepting this world to be you are letting go of every world you have previously chosen to be a part of. This includes every uncertainty you may have had about where you are at in the present moment. This place refers to where your thoughts are and the type of thinking that you are experiencing. The entire purpose of all transformation is the deep transformation which leads to a sense of peace internally. This peace occurs because there is a harmony within and without. Everywhere has been transformed. Therefore there is a unity in every thought that comes in no matter what the context is.


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