Tuesday, June 15, 2004

Affirm the light - Deny the Illusion

What you hold in mind, that you reproduce in kind. This is the simplest way to explain what life is all about.
The question is where are your thoughts and what do you have to do with them? What is your role as a thinker or a being of thought?
You are both. You reach up. You enjoy the harvest. If you reach down then you experience the famine or the lack of a thing. Look up and make every good thought a part of you. Deny the lower sight. This denial is a very important part and cannot be neglected.
The negativity must be denied as in:

"Get thee behind me ................"

The light must be affirmed as in:

"If you find yourself looking at something and it doesn't seem quite right,
you've got to turn your head and your mind around and face it towards the light." From a song called Lovers Mansion by JJ Slim

The concept of illusion and letting go of illusion is a very tricky idea. Here is a way to break this down into more acceptable chunks of understanding. When we say let go of the illusion because its not really there, this means that by seeing correctly, you can see the essence or truth of a thing. This is the goal of Active Listening.


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