Monday, June 28, 2004

The Rosetta Stone

     Thought Into Form will give you an understanding into the way your mind works. This understanding isn't just intellectual. It is a practical way to arrange your life so that you may realize the visions that you have. Your dreams can come true if you are able to turn your dreams into a conscious reality. Thought Into Form awakens the dreamer and makes you realize that you are the one who has set up every aspect of your life. In addition Thought Into Form provides a Rosetta Stone for deciphering all of the sacred writings throughout the ages. The understanding that you get from this will be your own. By using Mind and all of its inner avenues of expression you will be able to view every spiritual insight through the context of thoughts coming into form.
     This is a book about you. I wrote this to find out all about who I am and also how thoughts come into form. Along the way I discovered the common ground of I AM which links all of us together in a unity of being. Because of this unity you will be able to understand everything that is presented within. Thought is common to us all and happens in us in a similar fashion. The source of thought is the same for you and I. It is the choices we make that map out the individuals that we are. Thought Into Form celebrates the individual as the maker of his own destiny. It empowers you to become that which you are thinking. You learn also how to listen for that voice which is always speaking for your good. Everything is presented within as either a teaching and or an inspiration.
     The concept of the Lucid Spiritual is explained. It lets you see your life from moment to moment as a dream that is being changed through the agency of your thoughts. What you think about or not in every situation determines your perception of that situation. Because this book is written about the workings of the mind, it does not need to rely on the various symbols used to describe God, or deity as such. It therefore relies upon a direct experience of the Eternal, or the Mystery as described by the processes we encounter during our investigations of mind. The literature of holy writings uses metaphor and parable to illustrate its points. Sometimes this is difficult understand especially after we have to translate the writings into our native tongue. Often there is lacking something in the translation of these sacred texts. What Thought Into Form does is to take you inside your own mind and give you insights as to what you will find there. These insights provide a method for awakening and remaining fully conscious throughout the day. In this way confusion and doubts are removed as the growing awareness is able to recognize the truth of its own being.
     In the portion that covers the Torah, we learn to use our new found way of looking at the ancient text. In selected passages we demonstrate how our central topic here is always the process of thoughts coming into form. The same is true in the Kabbalah chapter which gives the underlying basis for Kabbalah. This inner receiving we are taught from Kabbalah is the knowledge of once again, how thoughts come into form.
     It is important when writing about these kinds of subjects that the clarity of thought always be maintained. The points that are made throughout Thought Into Form resonate not only from sentence to sentence but from chapter to chapter. Everywhere we are talking about the same process uncovering a little more each time we take another approach to this subject of thoughts coming into form.
     The result is a lasting paradigm that you can take with you. Your life situations may challenge you but when you have the means to see through to the heart of each moment, you will always be led into the paths of peaceful reflection. It is this quality of peaceful reflection that makes possible the ultimate goal of Thought Into Form. It is to be able to live your life without regret from moment to moment. Every decision you make will be based upon the truth of knowing your own mind. You will see that by becoming one with the thoughts in your mind you will experience your life increasingly with deeper and deeper satisfaction. This is because you will always have the highest correspondence in mind with what you see before you in form. It is this kind of peace which truly does pass all understanding.


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