Friday, June 04, 2004

Query Letter

     Please consider representing my me and my book Thought Into Form. I want you to be knocked out by Thought Into Form and represent this work with passion and enthusiasm. If you cannot I will understand and move on. Why should you represent me and try and convince a publisher that Thought Into Form would be an excellent property to purchase? The first reason is that by reading this book it provides an instant value to the reader. It works. If you want to know how to plant tomatoes buy a book about how to plant tomatoes. If you want know how to bring your thoughts into form in such a way as to improve the quality of your life and those around you, buy Thought Into Form. When a reader perceives value for his purchase whether that value is increased knowledge or entertainment he is going to make that purchase with a whole heart. I offer the reader the value of knowing his own mind. Nothing is closer to the reader then this. This is accomplished painlessly. The only effort is to read the words. They make sense. There isn't anything to figure out. Thought Into Form is like looking through a kaleidoscope. Every place in the book offers another spectacular vision of your favorite subject, you.

     Thought Into Form needs to be savored like a extra fine wine, or a favorite memory. It is one of those books that you can pick up and choose any place in the book to be inspired by. It is like tapping into a circuit of supercharged spiritual energy. Don't let the word spiritual put you off if you are a casual reader and read mostly for entertainment. Thought Into Form has stories interspersed throughout, which will entertain you as well as provide you with "jumper cables" to quick charge your mental atmosphere.
It is easily read. Each section broadens the scope of your overall understanding while maintaining the focus on the central topic.
     I offer you a vision. Stacks of books on a table in a bookstore, every bookstore. Customers walking by say.
     "What is this?" They pick up the book and are immediately intrigued. Their next question is
     "What is this about?" They do one of two things after reading the front cover. First they flip to the back to find out more about the book. They are inspired by the quotations from the book. Their second act is to open the book at random. They read more and a smile comes to their faces.
     "This is incredible." They say and wonder to themselves if the whole book is like this. They leaf through and confirm their initial interest. They may at this point walk away with the book in hand having already made up their mind to purchase it, or open the book to the table of contents, and then the preface. At this point they are hooked. The book is not only sold at this point but the reader now goes home with expectations for a wonderful cherished reading experience. Some readers may happen to glance at my awesome picture and be so taken that they race for the cash register and .........okay, just kidding. Still, you never know.
     I make use of more than one voice in describing this process of thought coming into form. The voice of the teacher begins by setting up a basic understanding of the elements in mind that take shape according to the way our thoughts begin to take form. The voice of the sage, the all knowing one offers insights and affirmations. The voice of the poet-songwriter further continues to blend descriptions with the feelings that are evoked throughout from the initial vision to the out pictured form.
     Everything about Thought Into Form is unique. It has a pacing that is both intuitive and reflective.
Here are the Chapter Headings:
  • Chapter One     Spontaneous Awareness
  • Chapter Two      Listening to the Voice Within
  • Chapter Three   New Worlds Discovered
  • Chapter Four     Torah
  • Chapter Five      Meditations
  • Chapter Six       Kabbalah
  • Chapter Seven   Secrets
  • Chapter Eight     Meditations and Beyon
  • d
  • Chapter Nine      Concepts
  • Chapter Ten       Unity Equals One

  • I am excited about Thought Into Form. It works for me. When I scan a section it lifts me up. This isn't because I have written it and I am getting an ego boost from it. It is because the ideas I read about place me in a better state of mind. I realize that this book already is a best seller. Why would I think that? You know that answer. I wrote the book about how this is to come about by writing, Thought Into Form.

    The book is finished. I am still polishing here and there until it is picked up. Sample chapters are available by mail, email, or via online link. I would like you to read this book simply for the benefits it would share with you. This is regardless of whether you decide to represent me or not. It will help you in your business as a literary agent or as a person who is trying to make their lives better in every way. It is that strong. If I have convinced you enough to pursue this further please contact me.

    Here is a Link to Chapter One

    Thanks in advance for your consideration.

    Best of everything good now and forever,

    Mark Siet


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