Friday, April 30, 2004

Stacking the Deck

I looked around and there within I did see.
It was love's eyes and they were smiling at me.
At a moments notice taken by surprise,
a connection was made, and unity realized.

I knew a gentleman and worked with him everyday. He had just lost his wife about a year ago and was despondent most of the time. It wasn't anything specific just a general malaise. He complained some but generally was quiet in his suffering. One day he found out he had cancer. He was even more upset because he thought he was going to die. He went to an oncologist and reported that the doctor had high hopes for him and that with the proper treatment they could beat this thing. Gradually his mood changed from his usual despondency to someone who wanted very much to share and to live in joy. He smiled alot more and joked with everyone. He even spoke about his family which he rarely did. During lunch one day I began talking about time and how swiftly the days were going.
I then told him that musical time was the only real time. Musical time was where we are able to feel good about each other and our families. Clock time didn't mean a thing. You know what? He was ready to listen to me. He agreed with a big smile on his face even when I began to talk about what was going on inside and that it was more important to have the right attitude inside. Again he agreed whole heartedly and spoke about meditation. In that moment I knew he would be fine. He used to think that life was stacked against him and now he realizes that the only stacking that is ever done is what we tell ourselves within on a daily basis. Once that is stopped, then life can flow. He had not had the opportunity to look at life as something to be cherished not only in himself but in those around him. Now he can't get enough of either.


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