Monday, April 19, 2004


You remain that which you have always been. In everywhere that you are operate from the inside out. It is along this line of direction that all things take place. It is will, the subtle force that brings forth they vision. I become what I am by recognizing the totality of all that is. It is the sense of certainty within that produces the will without. Certainty is both the driver and the chariot of will. Every action is to increase certainty. Expectation is the golden sunrise of certainty. More has been accomplished with "I can do this" than can be imagined. It is therefore this that must be done.
Arrange the mind and all of its adherents into the flow of certainty in the following manner.

Look to the future as though it already is. In this way remove time as a barrier or even a consideration.

Bring your mind to focus on "this is already done."

You can replace the location where you are coming from by translocating it presence. In this way operations may be carried forth from the ensuing awareness which accepts completely the "already done aspect of now."

Agreement then is automatic. Affirmation follows agreement.

Define your focus for who you are. It is from this sense of being that emanates the divine will.

Know who you are and that "you are exactly as God created you."(A Course In Miracles)


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