Thursday, April 15, 2004

Wisdom is experienced. It isn't bought, won, or exchanged. There is no self esteem in Wisdom. If you are jealous of Wisdom she will flee from you. If you try and hold her by force she will never by taken in this way. Wisdom is given when you let go completely and face the Eternal knowing nothing and being open to the unknown. Wisdom is there regardless of your understanding or another's to explain it to you. No one can give you wisdom unless you first open up your heart. You get it when you give to everything, all that you have. Then there is Wisdom

Would you therefore blame Wisdom for lack of understanding? If you don't get it, does it mean it doesn't exist or that there is nothing to get. This would be true in a contracting universe filled with entropy. In our expanding universe however this is not the case. If you don't get it, try again until you do. Stop and listen and silence the internal chatter. Then and only then do you get to feel wisdom even before you know her. She is to be courted don't you know not stormed in upon.


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