Monday, November 03, 2003

A question has arisen as to what is the serpent power.

Kundalini is the agent of self-transformation on the physical, mental, emotional, psychic and spiritual levels.

It is both a physical and mental force which proceeds upward from the tip of the coccyx(tail bone) through the spine touching and massing in the seven main centres of awareness in the body called chakras, and then passing through the top of the head into what is called the thousand petalled lotus. A lifetime of study could be spent here, however for the purposes of the elevation of consciousness, kundalini rises in relation to the level of thoughts you are aware of and intentionally focusing on.

It is called the serpent power because it rises like a serpent in response to a swami's flute playing. Reference lots of cartoons.
The swami's flute playing in this case refers to our active thinking-being-listening awareness. In short Kabbalah, the act of receiving not for the self alone.
That is we receive those thoughts of connection which unify our spirit with higher consciousness. Our intention is always unity and raising the level of our consciousness.

These thoughts are of varying degrees of complexity. As you move from level to level you experience the unity of each center becoming active. Further along the process the centers unite in awareness of each other and produce the thousand petalled lotus as the physical is transformed into the spiritual causing a return washing all over your being. It is this return flow felt as feelings of warmth, well being, rushes of energy that causes further awakening of the consciousness of unity.

Reactive behavior causes the flow to stop. Non reactive behavior, sharing, giving and letting go of internal blockages such as fear and negativity causes these blockages to be removed allowing a more free flow of energy.

It is to that end that reading sacred texts brings us by providing the internal keys to thoughts which are above and the way to unity with this above. Reading the Zohar in particular unites the mind and its thoughts to these higher levels of thinking. In addition the prayers in the daily prayer book such as Ana BeKoach, Shma, 18 daily blessings, Psalm 145, 72 names, etc all contribute to raising the awareness of everyday mind to the level of Creator-Mind. In this way we know God by thinking as God, and sharing the thoughts that are God like.

In raising our consciousness by allowing our thoughts to float and be open to every opportunity for unity-sharing, a corresponding action takes place which is the rising of kundalini. The more unity we encompass through linking up our thoughts with the higher thought, the more we will receive this experience of inner knowing called kundalini.


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