Wednesday, November 12, 2003

Everything that comes to me comes from me.

It really is a closed loop. Our actions determine our reactions.

When we give forgiveness we choose not to react with any blocks to love's awareness.

We promote our own freedom by seeing past appearances to a continuing process of loving relationship.

In order rise above the sea of consciousness in which we live we must swim.

The action of swimming means to make an effort always to rise above the common pool
while at the same time accepting that the effort is like floating, which is a conscious attitude that we take on.

The more we become adept at floating (allowing the one will to flow through us-while maintaining our attitude of the presence),
the sonner we will experience that which Jesus does which is to walk on the water.

Walking on water is knowing that you are always taken care of, nothing can ever pull you down and it's okay to get your feet wet.

The growth of consciousness is can be seen in our continuing ability to transform appearance into reality but changing the focal length of our vision.

This change in focal length resolves the far into the near, brings in a greater degree of light, and attenuates the viewing apparatus so that even the most
minute of details are clearly discernible.

These details afterall are the sum total and substance of our lives.

Therefore learn to give unceasingly. Forgive or "for giving" therein descibes the purpose of existence.


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