Tuesday, November 18, 2003

What is significant is the continuation of the appearance of form. The form itself however is a rather complex antenna. The energy information that is received is arranges itself according to the recent activity of mind. This recent activity forms a carrier wave which facilitates the transmutation of thought into form. Sometimes there is an overflow at the point of energy contact which temporarily short circuits the infusion into thought which delays the outflow into form. Since energy is ongoing and the collection analysis process also continuing, these temporary passages only require awareness to avoid their negative discharges which dissipate the transmission wave. Thought is not so much sent as aggregated into like bundles of ambient (living) energy. You can increase the flow and effectiveness of this energy by your active seeking and finding, and through through meditation which gathers unto itself that which it already is becoming. More of the same is then therefore the attitude of internalization that is taking place. Use everything and anything to aggregate the awareness. In order to produce the changes thought into the changes into form, everything must make sense within itself. That is that when there is any appearance, see through to the connection with the viewed appearance.
In order to fairly accomplish these purposes you must let go of all preconceived generalities and accept that your location is not merely centered in your present awareness of I. In fact this awareness of I is the prime limiting factor in preventing the transmuations that take place naturally. This I, or the ego I, seeks to attract this energy unto itself and is not interested in dispersing the energy. Rather what is the primary concern of this I, is to dissipate this energy through negative dissociation.


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