Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Bahir Verse 180

Keep in mind a picture of the Tree of Life in this verse.

Verse 180. There are three Spheres in this world. How? This world inclines to the north and the south. How? North west south. North west is the first sphere that revolves around us. Do we then say that it is to the north-west? But we say that its strength is to the north. This is the left foot. Above it is the second Sphere, which is entirely to the west. Do we then say that it is to the west? But we say that its power is to the west. These are the Victories of the world. Above it is the third Sphere, and its power is to the south-west. What is the original power that you said was second? We say that this is the right foot. And what is the power that is to the south-west? This is the Foundation of the world. Regarding this it is written (Proverbs 10:25) , "The Righteous is the Foundation of the world." The second power stands behind the Chariot, while the first power stands in front of it. The "Righteous, Foundation of the world" is in the centre. It emanates from the south of the world, and is officer over the other two. In its hand are also the souls of all living things. It is the Life of Worlds. Whenever the word "creation" (Beriah) is used, it is done with it. Regarding it, it is written (Exodus 31:17) , "He rested and souled." This is the attribute of the Sabbath day. Regarding this it is written (Exodus 20:8), "Remember the Sabbath day and keep it holy." But it is also written (Deuteronomy 5:12), "Keep [the Sabbath]." This is speaking of the seventh attribute. Regarding this seventh attribute it is written (Leviticus 19:30) , "My sabbaths you shall keep , and My sanctuary you shall fear." What is the seventh attribute? This is the Blessed Holy One's attribute of Goodness.

Commentary: There are levels as you understand it of awareness. Each level has its own set of operational laws. All of the levels are of course interconnected and everything that develops subsequently from the one is in turn transformed by the other. Think on high. Directions are mentioned here. They refer to spiritual ascents on high. These are the ascents of thought transcending ordinary mentation rising to the sphere of unfoldment that take the place of thought on high where all things are uniquely enjoined together. The three spheres refer to activation, elevation and mashiach or the state of mind of mashiach. What is this world that is spoken of in this verse? It is the higher world where thoughts transcend their initial birth and become a part of the unity of the greater whole.

Hod is the left foot and the first sphere. Netzach is the second sphere or Victories of this world and is called also the right foot. The Third sphere is Foundation which is southwest of Netzach. Hod is Northwest of Foundation. Foundation emanates from the south of the world and is officer to both Netzach and Hod.

Next the Righteous is the Foundation of the world. Now we are getting somewhere. Translate righteous to mean truthful as in those thoughts that line up in synchronization with your heart's desire. An example of Righteous in this context would be this.
A child comes to his father and asks for a new bicycle. The father brings home a teddy bear. While the child may become excited at the teddy bear it isn't his true calling. The father hasn't been righteous with his child and has led him astray. However he does tell the child that the new bike is on its way and sure enough a few days later the bike arrives fulfilling the child's wish and the father's word.
We cannot expect to bring something into manifestation until we remain true to that something all throughout the process. It is from this center that everything emanates from, this center of certainty called Foundation. Continuing the verse says, 'in its hands are the souls of all living things.' This is the life that derives from the initial intention being adhered to in Righteousness. Every good thing that then comes along derives its 'soul' or essence from that initial intention.

'He rested and souled.' Here is of course the heart of the wisdom. Your thought or image has to become so familiar to you that you can freely release it into the cosmos becoming that which you are seeking. Nothing further need be accomplished. The will of the one goes forth from you. In this way 'it is the life of all worlds,' meaning everything that comes about because of this owes its existence to that initial image and all the permutations that are now flowing forth from it. When we talk about 'creation' concerning it we are speaking in terms of secondary effects that issue from it. We speak of this image as the Sabbath because it has become one with the maker. The seventh attribute is Foundation and is called Goodness because it has remained true and righteous calling into being countless wonders from its infinite expressions. 'My sanctuary you shall fear,' tells us that once an idea is born it is surrounded by holiness and this holiness reflects the inner feelings you have as well as the beginnings of any outward expressions. Read fear here as always meaning awe or looked on in wonder as in isn't it amazing that my thoughts persist in images so magnificent to behold while taking form and after form is already in place.


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