Monday, October 23, 2006

Bahir 175-176

The evidence now becomes clear that what we are talking about is the Shekinah and that the reference is to the chakras or wheels of energy called Sephiroth described by the glyph called the Tree of Life.

175. What is this that is Holy? It is the Etrog , which is the beauty (hadar) of them all. Why is it called beautiful (hadar) ? Do not read hadar , but HaDar ­ "Which dwells." This refers to the Etrog which is not bound together with the Lulav. Without it the commandment of the Lulav cannot be fulfilled. It is also bound with them all. It is with each one of them, and is unified with them all.

Commentary: Look at what we have unified together here. The Etrog or female counterpart to the Lulav, the beauty which is seen as 'which dwells' and the tying together of all with the unity of all.

Wow. Remember the meanings we discussed for the Shekinah and how its root comes from 'Shakan' and 'Mishan'

dwelling place or "dwelling place of "Him who dwells

and directly refers to the innermost connection called the Shekinah. The next verse describes what is meant by the Lulav. Let's continue there in commentary.

176. What does the Lulav parallel? It is the counterpart of the spinal cord. It is thus written (Leviticus 23:40), "[fronds of a date palm,] a branch of a tree of leaves, and willows of the brook." The [leafy] branches [of the myrtle] must cover the majority [of the bunch]. If its branches do not cover its majority, it is invalid. Why? What is this like? A man has arms, and with them he protects his head. He has two arms, and his head makes three. [It is therefore called] "a branch of a tree of leaves." A "branch" is to the left, and the "leaves" are to the right. It then comes out that the "tree" is in the centre. And why is it called a "tree"? Because it is the Root of the Tree.

Commentary: The counterpart of the spinal cord? Perfect. The spinal cord is the channel whereby all messages of the inner awareness pass through. It is after all the trunk of the Tree of Life. From this trunk the energy called life courses along its way. What is its way? The way evolves out of thought which then goes through the various stages described in the Sephiroth. The branches are the nerves bundles or nexus through the body and related to each energy center-chakra or sephiroth. This also refers to the spiritual counterparts of the body structures which relate then themselves similarly to the four worlds of Kabbalah. The nexus is the inner core or bunch of these energy centers. The tree mentioned here is the pathway that consciousness builds for itself out of itself. The Root of the Tree is none other than Torah which draws its sustenance for the same source as the Tree of Life and its root. The two are related and as one they make up the central connection our thoughts strive for when we seek to unify one with another.


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