Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Prayers and deity

It is therefore one thing to pray to something addressing our prayers to deity, to G-d, the universe, however we choose to pray. It however, another thing to pray in the midst of something, to know that you are surrounded by this something and that your prayers are a part of the self expression of this something. When you pray to something there is a degree of separation involved as in between a king and his subjects. Conversely when you pray within something you are a part of that something and operate within with full knowledge of your part to play. Both your prayer and its acceptance assume a higher function. The only way that prayer may be activated into demonstration is where certainty reaches up on high and assumes its station as the director of all the activities which precede the form. When you are directly connected to source the following statements may be issued with complete certainty.

I see it

I say it

I know it

I show it

I prove it

I become it

All of this happens right now there is no delay.

There isn't any sense of asking for something here because in effect what you are doing is taking part in creation from the inside out. Your recognition of the presence of G-d is then without question. The accuser in this scenario is so far gone that he is out of sight. Why does the accuser leave? Because in the presence of G-d there cannot be any doubt. In addition in order to prove it as the fifth statement says even if the accuser should wander back in and try to sideswipe your efforts the intense focus of your kavannah lights up the intruder and he is quickly cast off.

What does any of this have to do with the Shekinah? The Shekinah in its feminine form is the indwelling presence of G-d directly impacting our soul(s). It is the response of G-d to our intention to fill our lives with him. Call it the love of G-d, or the Glory of G-d, or just simply a warm inner feeling of fullness. Just like with G-d when we try to describe the essence we fall short with our descriptions of the Shekinah which we are always describing after the fact as it were. Still we can pinpoint this feeling if we learn how to pay attention to it and then seek to bring our awareness there during our prayers. The process then becomes one of our being imbued with the presence as we speak into it our intention. It goes without saying that our intentions must involve mitzvoth in order for us to be able to maintain the feeling of the Shekinah. Also this presence seems to come and go without rhyme or reason however, this is not true. The Shekinah arrives because of mitzvoth and Torah study and stays as long as these two operations continue. It is interesting to note here that one encourages the other. Torah study encourages mitzvoth and visa versa. Torah study takes you deeper in mitzvoth and mitzvoth opens up the doors in your mind allowing you deeper meanings in your comprehension of Torah.


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