Friday, October 20, 2006

Establishing and promoting the flow of connection

The question then becomes one of establishing and promoting the flow of connection throughout the entire field of thoughts that you are engaged in throughout your day.

Why is this a question?

Because in each moment you have a choice to make as to whether to proceed-move on or look back. The lesson here like Lot's wife is to keep moving on. The pillar of salt represents the status quo and the crystallization of ideas which though seemingly well structured like a pillar of salt it is subject to decay and dissolution. Life means moving on in body mind and spirit.

What does this mean in terms of promoting the flow of connection throughout the day?

Just this. Every idea or insight you may have is a stepping stone to yet even another idea or insight. No matter how brilliant this idea you have is it can be improved upon. Our purpose can be to improve upon each moment making our lives better in the meantime and because of this influencing all of those around us to do the same. Life moves by inspiration and continues its way by raising the level of our awareness of all that is around us in terms of finding new avenues for self study.

In our earlier discussions we spoke of the Shekinah the Divine Presence of G-d. All we are talking about is our experience within however we choose to describe it to ourselves. It is the experience of G-d in the most intimate way possible. There is the combination of reaching for G-d and the answering touch which is then called the Shekinah, G-d's touch which we feel and then reach for some more. Listening-Acceptance and then Transformation through absorption and a complete letting go inside of this presence and then letting it guide you in all of your ways.

Song of Songs 2:4 He hath brought me to the banqueting-house, and his banner over me is love.

Here she seeks her lover and describes what happens when they are together. She is the Shekinah. He is the soul pure and undefiled that she wants to bond with. You have to understand the great longing of the Shekinah to bond with the essence of your being. It is probably the most intense longing that there is. This is because the more we experience separation from this presence the greater the longing then becomes. Once we start to realize that we are in effect being sought after it makes our actions to return to these feelings of sharing the presence of G-d that much more easy to accept and integrate into the thoughts that we can become accustomed to.


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