Wednesday, October 25, 2006

The Direct Results of Thought

Thoughts become the breath of the mind. They have energy and specific vibrational qualities. They may unify or they may tear apart it is all up to the 'chooser' that part of yourself that is waking up into the fullest consciousness of self. This full consciousness means that you are aware of the process taking place within you. You are aware of your part in making the choices that promote your peaceful mind. You pay attention now then to what you are thinking without following your thinking. The best way to do this is to use the mind's wonderful capacity for imitation. Set a groove and let mind repeat that groove endlessly making variations upon a theme and spinning offshoots of discovery that keep the highest groove going. Think of your thoughts as you would the air you breathe. Make them as pure as can be. Strive to maintain every positive direction by simply repeating positive ideas or reaching up for inspiration. Keep at this a while and you know what happens? The mountain begins to come to you. The way is made easier before you because of the light that you have intentionally chosen to bring into and out of your life.


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