Monday, October 09, 2006

An Interlude:

Thought needs to be expressed. That is simply all there is to it. Well maybe there is a little bit more but in essence this is the inspiration of the matter. You see if thought is not expressed then we have no way of revealing those hidden thoughts that contain such wonderful mysteries fit for contemplation. Thought leads to thought and an idea is born of these thoughts. Paramount to every thought is the unity of thought contained within the Tree of Life symbolized by the Torah. In Torah all of the hidden messages lie beneath the surface of each section uniting themselves within sections, Books and associated material such as the Psalms and various other books that have been derived from Torah. The beauty of Torah as has been mentioned previously is that Torah is our nexus and far from being scrolls that are read during Shabbat or the special holidays Torah is contained inside of every Jew built into the fabric of his or her DNA regardless of belief or adherence to any part of the many rituals that are performed as both a remembrance of and a reminder to Torah that we should always have the means for connection to our highest self. This highest self or Yechidah is the ray of light shining into and through our point of contact with Torah. This ray of light radiates out through the world and is the basis of all of our experiences in sum total.

The unity of Torah. Torah study cannot be confined to the five books of Mosheh because once you learn a principle of Torah it immediately begins to resonate within your life showing you example after example of what you have at first learned intellectually. It raises the level of your understanding by providing you with life experience to go with your intellectual insights. It is truly in this way that Torah, the oral Torah is spread. The stories you hear about the great Rebbe's both past and present all combine this unified presence of connection. This presence of connection expands the scope of Torah throughout the entire sphere of our thinking. What we come to understand in this way is that it is these very relationships one stemming from another that produce the fabric of all existence. When we think and concentrate we travel along a more or less straight line of association so that we may relate the subsequent train of ideation to its antecedent. In this way the unification of thought takes place always using Torah as the center in timeless changeless ever expanding complexity. Therefore when you think direct your thought. As you direct your thought connect with your emotions into the expansion of thought and experience this timelessness in the now. Thought produces images by layering the continuity of expression to the point where instead of wispy reflections we evolve our direction of thought so that the images which are built up begin to take shape first as images within and then as reflections without. When we keep looking with the same degree of focus then thought produces its image and then the form of that image.


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