Friday, October 13, 2006

Bahir 170-171

Just like that we are brought into a discussion of the Divine Presence. It is the meaning within the meaning so often hinted at here in the Bahir.

Verse 170. What is the meaning of "Victory of Victories"? There is a single Victory (Netzach). Which is it? It is the one that inclines toward the west. And what is secondary to it? This is the one that inclines toward the north. And the third one? This is the one that is below. The third one? But you have said that the Chariot has two wheels. We must therefore say that the end of the Divine Presence is also called Victory. This is the meaning of "Victory of Victories." "Victory" is one, and "Victories" is two, giving [a total of] three.

Commentary: The wheels of the chariot or the Ophanim are going in directions at right angles to each other which brings to mind a gear like arrangement. The sum total of both directions turns out to be a third direction. Here we are talking about what is flowing into and then flowing from Netzach or the eighth Sephiroth. Like the Sephiroth the energy of the Divine Presence flows from above to below and then again to the above from below. This is explained further in the next verse 171 but for here the context becomes Netzach as a source of empowerment. What specifically could be happening here at Netzach to make it the subject of this particular discussion tying it into the Divine Presence? We'll delve into this here and expound upon it in the next verse during the commentary there.

First of all take the energy of the Divine Presence. What is this? It is the energy of thought patterns that have linked themselves to unity through Torah. Admittedly this is hard to explain. Once a connection is established within Torah this facilitates the formation of paths of consciousness between Torah and the inner central core of your being tied to your soul and ultimately where the spark of G-d rests. Thoughts align themselves into associations of ideas forming the unseen latticework whereby this connection is able to operate. In any system of transference of energy where there are valves to regulate the flow of energy the rate of egress through the valve usually has a certain point where the valve will open. Too little and the valve remains closed until the threshhold is reached and then the valve opens allowing the energy (water, electricity, mind stuff, etc.) to pass freely through. Netzach then is a nexus it is being pointed out to allow the two way passing of energy flowing downward and upwards along the Tree of Life considered as a diagram of the Sephiroth with the various energy signatures that each Sephiroth has. Victory that is one is the passing from Netzach through to Yod the next Sephiroth. This is the West or to the left of Netzach but still moving downward. The Netzach that is described as Victories is the result of the return flow of energies that is moving upwards perhaps directly to Binah and Chokma in a straight. The third of the Victories that is described is the movement both from Tiphereth to Netzach and to Tiphereth from Netzach. These are the forces working as described by the thought form of the Ophanim and the wheels of the chariot. These wheels also refer to the energy centers within called chakra's in Eastern meditational symbolism.

The central idea to remember here is that thought raised to a vibrational level of unified awareness becomes self aware causing the flowing of what is called the Shekinah which is none other than our sense of the Divine Connection or Presence that we feel as our thoughts align themselves with the Creator blessed be He. More on this in the next verse.

Verse 171. His disciples said to him: From above to below we know. But from below to above we do not know. He replied: Is it not all one ­ below to above and above to below? They said: Our master, ascending is not the same as descending. One can run while descending, but cannot do so while ascending. He replied: Go out and see. He sat and expounded to them: There is a Divine Presence below, just like there is a Divine Presence above. What is this Divine Presence? We have said that it is the light that was derived from the first Light, which is Wisdom. It also surrounds all things, as it is written (Isaiah 6:3), "The whole earth is filled with His glory." What is its function? What is this like? A king had seven sons, and he assigned each one a place. He said to them, "Sit here, one above the other." The lowest one said, "I will not sit at the bottom. I do not want to be far from you." [The king] replied, "I will surround you and see you all day long." This is the meaning of the verse, "The whole earth is filled with His glory." Why is He among them? This is so that He should support them and sustain them.

Commentary: The question concerns what is the below to above that is being explained. The students understand the flow of energy in terms of coming from Keter and flowing through each Sephiroth into Malcuth via the seven earths. What they don't understand is the return flow. What could initiate such a return flow? The answer is given that the King described in the mini parable is always surrounding the centers of awareness watching all day long. When we pray our prayers align themselves according to our merit in various centers of awareness. These centers are symbolized by the glyph of the Tree of Life. Like the example given in verse 1170 these prayers build up and cause the valves to open releasing more energy causing us to feel the Shekinah and then to let go and let this energy pass through us. As it passes through it receives the watchful attention of the holy one blessed be He. This attention is alluded to by the phrase "I will surround you and see you all day long." The reason for this is that these prayers reference holiness and in effect give off holiness. When this holiness is earthed it is then that it sets up the return flow mirroring the reflection of thought producing after its kind the image of that reflection above which then turns it around to begin this process all over again.


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