Sunday, May 21, 2006

Shifting Focus

The focus it shifts and then it moves on only to return. You remember that you are centered on a specific idea and then use your concentration to move ahead with this idea. You move ahead by invention. This invention is the result of both inspiration and persistence. Once follows the other like the moon the sun. At a certain point which we can even call the threshhold of focus your thoughts no longer need reminders. They return automatically to your focus because of its growing intensity. This intensity builds throughout the entire process of formation and is the impetus both behind its appearance in form and the sustaining energy that awakens the world view that must now correspond with this focus. Are there side roads you could take? Of course but then you would be deserting for the moment your focus. Is it necessary to think with intention at all times? No. It is however crucial to the growth of the forms of your awareness that you have sufficiently provided both enough emotion and thoughtful meditation to the task at hand. Then when you return to your focus it is there right where you left it ready to continue the process of unfoldment. Imagine a wavy cloth blowing presenting itself to your vision through many different angles. Then imagine a central path running through this wavy cloth so that you now have a point of reference even though the wind keeps changing the cloth's aspect to you moment by moment. It is in this way that life is offering up itself for your concentrated effort to keep your heart and mind on the path of return. What are you returning to? You are returning to the highest vision that you have of yourself. When your intention and your focus are one then you will see daily the result of this ongoing meditation. It will be there for you when everything else has gone by the wayside.


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