Thursday, May 18, 2006

Bahir 139

The sense of direction in prayer is explained.

139. His disciples asked: To whom are the hands raised? He replied: To the heights of heaven. How do we know this? It is written (Habbakkuk 3:10) , "The deep gives forth its voice, it lifts up its hands on high." This teaches us that the Lifting of Hands is only to the heights of the heaven. When among Israel there are people who are wise and know the mystery of the Glorious Name, and they lift up their hands, they are immediately answered. It is thus written (Isaiah 58:9), "Then (Az) you will call and God will answer." If you call God "then" (Az) , He will answer you immediately.

Commentary: All I can say here about the mystery of the name is to describe a bevy of white doves flying off into many directions the sun sparkling off of their wings as they soar over the rooftops finally reaching a wide meadow where they eventually vanish out of sight. Well maybe a little bit more. The name contains four letters Yud Heh Vav Heh representing the four worlds of Atziluth, Briah, Yetzirah and Asiah. These aren't so much worlds but dimensions within the worlds. These dimensions intersperse our reality according to our intimate understanding of such things in the moment. There is in effect a dance that takes place. Yud (representing Atziluth) rises first to the left and then the right finally spiralling upwards in a counterclockwise ever widening vortex of energy. Out of this vortex the first Heh appears overwhelming the sky like pillars place at the very seat of the world. This first Heh represents Briah the world of Creation. A distinct portal is formed both below and in front of the Yud of Atziluth with this Yud appearing first as a flame rising out of these pillars and then near the lowest end cascading in a fountain of ether. Once the rays of ether touch the pillars of Briah they become the various life giving gases of oxygen, nitrogen and hydrogen. They swirl in a riot of explosive combinations until stasis is reached. This stasis is symbolized by the Vav representing Yetzirah. The Gases turn into a waterfall that burst against the rocks in the pool which mirrors Briah called Asiah the world of Earth or of demonstration. The final H stands reflected in the pool translating in essence the will of the One from the ever moving Yud in Atziluth still sending forth its will into even the most deepest regions of creation.

The hands are raised to Heaven symbolizing the second Heh and Briah the world of creation. In doing soing a conduit is both physically and spritually engendered. See how the deep gives forth its voice which is the echo of creation. This echo is where the worlds are built to come under the scrutiny of our conscious eyes. Keep thinking about the thoughts that echo within and how they are accepted throughout your body and how your consciousness may know the boundaries of containment outside of the body as well. It is here outside of the body Assiah through the level of Yetsirah and then connecting in Briah that all the work of manifestation is accomplished. This work is ongoing and by design leads to the fruitful multiplication of the forms that are archetypes of Atziluth. When this process is followed through all that may be seen is the the representation of One speaking to One. Every sight then invokes its spiritual equivalent and there is the corresponding answer from within throughout the atmosphere of thought that recognizes the wonder that is continuously being produced.

The Az or the calling is the opening movement of creation that moves from Intention to Ideation through Generation until finally there is demonstration.


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