Tuesday, April 04, 2006

A Spring Interlude

The wintertime was over its icy touch a receding memory. My pace which had quickened to brace itself against the stormy winds now slowed to match the soft warmth in the air. A new beginning. My heart felt full of springtime's confidence. All things hidden were now revealed. In the distance she moved closer behind me her fragrance moving ahead of her arriving just in time to catch me by surprise. As I turned to see her my face smiled and then I laughed. Her dress was golden yellow with red and blue flowers embroidered on the front and the short sleeves. She stopped as we met and danced around me. I was heady with her beauty and entranced by the sudden vistas she showed me. This world melted as she took my hand and we seemed to glide on air.

In this new world the trees were full of light. The buds on the trees pulsed with light and then as they opened slowly in the rising warmth of the morning the light became a colorful glow that surrounded each newly formed leaf. I looked for her suddenly concerned that she may have left this idyllic scene. I sighed when I saw her everywhere I looked. In the sky her face formed in puffy clouds changing shapes mirrored in the clear lake I found myself watching from the bluff above its shore. A few moment later there she was inside of the forest as the vines caressed the trees in their upward climb. Lastly I felt her inside of me and then I remembered. I began singing as she laughed in the light rain that began to fall. Soon a rainbow appeared and I knew it was time. She of course is the Goddess, the Earth Mother, the Shekinah, the essence of all that is creative and good bursting forth from the long night reveling in the days that seem to last forever. I welcomed her in my heart and felt good.


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