Thursday, April 06, 2006

Bahir Verse 120

A secret is given here to our inner world of vibration and what happens to that world when unified with the connection that fills the universe.

Bahir Verse 120. How do we know that the Divine Presence is called Tzedek (Righteous)? It is written (Deuteronomy 33:26), "He who rides in the heavens is your help, and His majesty is in the skies (Shechakim). " It is also written (Isaiah 45:8) , "The skies (Shechakim) run with Righteousness (Tzedek) ." Tzedek is the Divine Presence, as it is written (Isaiah 1:21), "Righteousness (Tzedek) dwells in it." Righteousness was given to David, as it is written, (Psalm 146:10) , "May God reign forever, your God O Zion, for generation to generation." It is also written (1 Chronicles 11:1) , "Zion is the city of David."

Commentary: First of all the Divine Presence is what we feel inside in response to our inspirations. These inspirations are spiritual breakthroughs or turning points that guide us in our meditations. You know the feeling. There you are thinking about something and the you feel a rush up and down your spine spreading from your medulla and then filling your head with openings, warmth and light. What is happening is that you are tuning in to your connection with the divine. This connection utilizes the force called the Shekinah also known as Kundalini in the Eastern mystical tradition. Righteous refers to the condition of mind when it is on track in terms of our life journey. As we reach for our highest good this Shekinah awakens in order to promote our way. You can use the metaphor of a homing beacon that signals constantly but is only heard once we change our direction to match it beaming course. About this next level of becoming it says:

What is it that rides the heavens and whose majesty is in the skies that is your help? It is the confirmation of the way or the validation that going for your hearts desire is indeed your life path or what is meant to be. It is this validation that then allows you to ascend to the next level of becoming.
About this next level of becoming it says: "The skies (Shechakim) run with Righteousness (Tzedek). The skies are where our thoughts go to meet up with like thoughts forming attractions and making up what is called Righteousness. The substance of this Righteousness is called as we see next, 'Tzedek is the Divine Presence, as it is written (Isaiah 1:21), "Righteousness (Tzedek) dwells in it." ' It is the Shekinah that makes up the fire of light within that ignites in response to connection with the our way of becoming that which we have set our Intention upon. The next part speaking of God reigning over you for generation to generation has this meaning open up for us. As thoughts rise and reach connection and then the Shekinah is invoked through the Righteousness of our Intention there is an upward flowing and then a downward outpouring of the forms of our Intention. It is a cycle that takes place. Like any pump or waterwheel this cycle in order to be effective has to be continuous. Therefore we ask and aspire to that condition of prayer or meditation that continuously provides us for the constant cycling (generation to generation) of the this Shekinah flowing and then overflowing into the forms of our happiness. We rise in our aspirations seeking God yes but then find God we want to stay in this condition of enlightenment. We do not mean that we can rest upon our laurels here. Torah is a garden that constantly needs tending. We tend the Torah and our garden of possibilities by endeavoring to meditate upon the unlimited supply of truth that pours forth from this template design of creation. The act then of meditation upon Torah and the listening for new keys to its sacred depths becomes what is known as the state of mind called 'Zion' where we never stop meditating and find out new worlds to uncover in terms of not only fulfilling our hearts desire but also of opening these worlds for all to partake of. Remember that David means beloved. Therefore is Zion truly the city of the beloved. What is it we love more than anything? It is our heart's desire. When we wish for something we make it our beloved and nuture that wish-intention with our meditations and deep feelings of devotion. Our attention becomes raised because it must in order to fulfill itself in all the various phases of its becoming.


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