Sunday, April 02, 2006

Anticipating a good outcome

How do you prepare yourself to receive that which you have been expecting through the visualization process that continually takes place during your meditations? The ground is prepared by your opening the worlds for review during these meditation sessions. How do you step up and walk inside of this world that all the while has been forming itself all around you? It is important to start with a receptive state of mind and then to jump ahead to the next frame in order to set the stage for the awakening that is to take place in the world of your hearts desire.

By this time your meditations should have produced an ultra clear image of what it is you want to experience. All around you it should be possible to merely touch with the slightest bit of your awareness the things and experiences that you've already pictured onto the grand scene of manifest creation. Touch these feelings you have now about exactly what it is you want and remember to include the supposition that this is already done and that all you need to do is to recognize and feel this fact of your becoming. Jump quickly then into this feeling and run with it. This process of becoming doesn't just happen and then that is it. The steps are something you go over each moment in order to bring momentum to this process and give yourself a considerable head start. The very fact of this meditation that is being provided here today represents a higher form of reasoning that uses as it foundation every proof of thought into form that has ever occurred to you. Bring this to mind as you are going forward. Carry your meditation inside of you as the certainty of the moment gets underway. You are linking up here with the Eternal but this should all be done in a matter of fact way allowing the growing awe to build into the necessary impetus for the building momentum of the creative force. Because we are speaking of intangible terms it will be wise to allow this process to take its course rather than second guessing it along the way. Compare this to a tiny opening in a waterway that steadily builds until the dam that serves as a barrier to this waterway is breached. The dam in this case is the status quo or our ordinary ways of thinking. Carry through with listening now for the answers as they come upon you and then let the waterway take care of itself as to where and when it will go. All you need to know at this point is that this water contained all of your hearts desires. Once they begin to flow you will then experience the fruition of what you have been thinking about with a purpose during your directed meditations.

Place yourself inside of the picture of the outcome. Walk in this picture. Let it become a part of you. Feel yourself moving and interacting in the world that is being presented to you. Direct your attention but allow the action to take place naturally. Feel the image forming itself around you. Allow your sense of connection to command the production. In this way the higher is brought forth by the acceptance of the lower.


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