Wednesday, April 05, 2006

A Magician's Primer

The Key into the opening matrix that surrounds the upper levels of entry into each higher world contains the following instructions:

Look in awe send forth Binah (Understanding) with all the forms enlivened.
Transformation now understanding wow, the revelation full in season.
This line in time to drink the wine and celebrate each reason.
No longer hide and open wide you who are to see the one.

Change your mind with what you find and go with every moment
Be the maker let go the taker and watch it fully blossom
The dish you make and wish partake are complete inside and out.
Focus sure and then some more revealing pure the wisdom's core.

In the space of a second meanings will follow one another.
You'll wonder at first where they come from but that really doesn't matter.
Be certain that your time to frame your thoughts is well spent.
Continue this way for eternity they say and listen for the next answer.

Like all keys there is a time sequence delay depending upon the resistance and the ensuing breakthroughs. All however, is good. Each eye that now peruses these words then becomes a link for their unfoldment.

These words of wisdom come to mind from Tommy Lasorda speaking to Davey Lopes one day about improving his batting average. Here is something he might have said.

"Davey you have to use all fields. Hit the ball where they throw it."

Mark Siet


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