Sunday, April 02, 2006

Bahir Verse 119

It is all coming together here. We have spoken of the tree, the fountain, the roots of the tree, the Holy one blessed be, and Israel. Let relate all of this to what happens within your mind as the levels of holiness are ascended.

Bahir Verse 119. What is this tree that you mentioned? He said: It represents the Powers of the Blessed Holy One, one above the other. Just like a tree brings forth fruit through water, so the Blessed Holy One increases the Powers of the Tree through water. What is the water of the Blessed Holy One? It is wisdom. It is the souls of the righteous. They fly from the fountain to the great pip, ascend and attach themselves to the Tree. Through what do they fly? Through Israel. When they are good and righteous, the Divine Presence dwells among them. Their deeds then rest in the bosom of the Blessed Holy One, and He makes them fruitful and multiplies them.

Commentary: First lets talk about the Powers of the Tree being increased through water. All along we've been talking about increasing our understanding of the processes that underly creation in terms of how we as the reflected beings may be able to make use of these powers. As we continue in our efforts to put together positive images for our hearts desire we are simultaneously adding water to the garden of possibilities. This water is our subconsciousness mind which we are endeavoring to make conscious by actively sending forth images of our own choosing into this lake of awareness. Do you see what it says next? It asks what is water and then answers it is the souls of the righteous. The righteous are by definition the chosen ones which are those thoughts and images that we ourselves have been choosing all along in order to promote our hearts desire. A still deeper meaning is given as we continue in the verse. These images, these chosen ones fly that is they ascend from where they have been born to a higher gathering place called in this translation, 'the pip.' Once there they are attached to the Tree. The Tree is where the transmission of holiness takes place in that our images are given the life that was at first suggested and then imbued with the impetus of the rising fountain or sap of awareness that grows into the realized forms of intention. The vehicle for the ascension or the flight of these images is Israel. Israel is a metaphor for the world to come into which the promise of ideation is assured. Before Israel or Jacob came into full embodiment in the promised land all of the processes that take place in the Tree have occurred. The refinements that take us through each Sephiroth also open up each of the four worlds so that ideation passes through all of the necessary stages in becoming that which was sent out from the images of our reflection or meditation. A further checkpoint is reached that determines 'if they are good and righteous' or in other words, are these the images that we would have our embodiment take place in? Then once this is determined to be true the final passing into form is deemed to be worthy of holiness (that which we hold most dear and highest in our hearts) and then satisfaction of form and ideation is achieved. Their deeds refers in fact to this embodiment that now has the blessing of creation itself. Once we come into the consciousness of this type of process going on around us then all of our meditations and demonstrations become that much easier ('he makes them fruitful and multiplies them.)


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